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terrain park instruction

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Hi, I'm working on a story for a couple of newspapers in the Summit County/Vail area and I'm curious about the state of terrain park instruction. Is there such a thing or do people simply teach themselves? Where is PSIA with terrain park skiing? What is a basic progression? What level skier can start learning terrain park maneuvers? Are there any areas known for terrain park lessons or ongoing clinics and camps? What type of learning curve can be expected? Any info on injury rates in terrain parks (A friend of mine who patrols at Heavenly says the patrollers there call it the Trauma Park.)? I'm most interested in Colorado info, especially Summit/Vail area, but would also like perspective from other regions. Please be aware that I am doing research for a story and would like to use any responses I get as on-the-record comments. Specify if you do not want to be on the record. Thanks in advance!
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i haven't seen or heard of any terrain park clinics in summit county.

outside of summit county, winter park recently did their "bump jamboree" clinic, in which snowboarders could elect to work on the park and pipe. other than that, the only park instruction i know of has been offered by specialty "camps" at whistler or hood, e.g. camp of champions, SMS, world freestyle, etc.

if there are any local freestyle clinics, i'd love to know about them.
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In Canada, the CSIA/CFSA offer a new Freeski certification program for those intructors wishing to teach basics of jumps, spins, rails, and pipe.
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