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I found a bunch of errors at this site http://www.wrcc.dri.edu/htmlfiles/co/co.sno.html

Check out Trinidad in December.
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Colorado snow tends to be obnoxious towards visitors. For example, we had a sunny and warm Thanksgiving, and then it starting dumping on Saturday. It's still going strong right now, which, if yesterday is a example, will really foul up I-70 traffic.
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Secondly, if 100% of "normal" is currently 36" and we've rec'd 18", that can be made up in one day, maybe tomorrow.
November average at most Colorado resorts is in the 45 inch range. At the snowiest places (Steamboat, Vail, Winter Park) it's 65-70 inches. After this weekend's storm most places look like 2/3 to 3/4 of normal. The best early season stat to watch is still percent of terrain open, which is now rising but still 1-2 weeks behind average.

The more consistent nature of Colorado snowfall does mean that extended droughts of a month or more are rare. But it also means that if the season starts slow, it's less likely to catch up than other regions more prone to huge dumps.

Not everyone has kids, but there is a large chunk of skiers who do.
My older son (now out of college) is an avid skier and when he was in K-12 we took 10 destination trips during his late March/early April spring breaks vs. 2 just before Christmas and 1 between Christmas and New Year's. No surprise the latter was the least enjoyable. And we did 3 more during his late March college spring break.
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