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Zip Fit Liners?

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Was wondering about Zip Fit liners. How do they perform? I've heard they may be a little sloppy in the forefront due to lack of flow material there. Any truth to that?

How much room do they require in the shell? Would they fit into a Nordica Speed Machine 14?

What does anyone know about Nordica foam liners? I realize the skill and experience of the boot tech is paramount, but is the foam soft enough to be comfortable as opposed to painful?

Am Colorado ski area manager, 6'1" 210 pounds, level 9 skier. Ski 75+ days per season.

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personally i find that in that link the OP is a bit negative because he prefers the other liners

i strongly believe that the zipfit will be more comfortable than PU foam for most people, the intuition may offer more comfort than either but it comes down to the foot shape and the shell fit

if the fit of the shell is good then there should be no problem with the no flow material around the forefoot, if however the shell is too wide then it may be an issue, the new INDY liner for Zipfit [when it eventually gets made] may be an option it uses a combination of ultralon foam with zipfit technology in the rearfoot. without seeing your foot it is impossible say which liner will work best for you, do remember that there are several profils of zipfit from the world cup special edition through the grand prix up to the classic, the classic has a much denser material [cordura] on the sides of the forefoot and is really designed for slightly oversized boots....if there is space in the shell this may be the liner to give the snuggest fit.

good luck
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Thanks for the reply. This information is very helpful.
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I think that the zip-fit has many advantages over foam liners. First off is it is a consistant material. You know what you are getting. A foam liner is a chemical process that has variables. Shelf life, how vigourusly the technician shakes the bottle, and the overall timing used during the process. You might end up with a rock hard fit that is torture or a soft pillowy fit that is comfortable but breaks down quickly. Than again you just might get the perfect density fit that works well but it will still break down faster then a Zip-Fit. As far as forefoot volume in the zip that is easy to reduce when the rest of the boot fits well. If your leg, heel, instep, and width to the ball of foot are fitting then having a bit of toe room shouldn't be an issue. Let them wiggle, they can't really move in any direction but up and down a bit if the rest of the foot is secure. I have used both over the years and I prefer the zip by a huge margin.
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screamindoggies is right on about zips. Definitely some serious advantages over foam. I know I have some for sale and he does also.

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