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Originally Posted by primoz View Post
At the moment, I don't remember not even one single xc skier with such technique, and you still have to remember that Bjoerndalen for example, is not fastest skier around
Wow, stop right there. Don't get the hate on for biathletes . The second video of Bjoerndalen is from a Cross-country WC a couple years ago which he won by a large margin. At that point in time he was definitly the fastest skier. He went strait off the XC victory and won like 4/5 biathlon WC in a row. This year he is not doing as well, still pretty fast however.

True that biathletes may have a slightly different style, a bit different upper body due to the rifle. If you bend over too far you will get bonked on the head by the rifle.
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Originally Posted by primoz View Post
All together about 20 years of racing, including almost 10 years in national team, and racing mostly European cup races.
If you need any advice, I'll be happy to provide it. I've been skate skiing for about 3 weeks and racing against my dog.
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Originally Posted by primoz View Post
I never did anything great, and I never qualified for Olympics of WCH, so if someone want, they can mark my skiing as failure, even though I don't consider it as this, but I admit I was never anything special.
I betcha I 'suck' way worse and am a total failure. But I don't care because I enjoy it when I can get to a track only 20 minutes away. Plus the views are awesome. I'm spoiled touring out the back door which happens more than anything due to convenience. Crusty snow with an inch of melting corn is a total blast in March and a seasonal highlight.

The whole medal count at the Olympics where anything less than a gold is a failure, really is wrong and contrary to the spirit of competition. IMO, there are a lot of levels of excellence and technique (and personal satisfaction) that don't include standing on a podium that are purely positive.

Do anyone of you big dawgs have any good clips of classic and skating but more 'recreational' oriented for good technique visuals?

Breckview, try racing your dog on a field of crust with a slight slope. You can skate ski faster than a dog in a dead run.
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Originally Posted by b31den View Post
Don't get the hate on for biathletes
Did I wrote anything about hating biathletes? If nothing else my brother was in biathlon national team for years, and it's kinda inappropriate to hate your family right? All I said was, that their technique is different, and you can't consider Bjoerndalen's or Poiree's technique as ideal technique for xc skiing without rifle. I'm not going into discussion about Bjoerndalen being best xc skier or not. I know some backgrounds about those few WCs and his preparations for those races, but to be honest, it really doesn't matter. He is really good and he is really fast, end of discussion.

Alpinrod I still think that winning mentality is perfectly fine for top level sport. Everyone are there to win races not to make friends or have nice view from top of Austrian or Italian glacier in middle of August What I find wrong (if that's not too strong word) is this kind of mentality with hobby skiers. Some of them go for it like they would be competing on WCH, while in reality they should really enjoy being out on skis. I quit my racing few years ago, but I still use every single chance I have to get back to xc skis, and I still consider this as nicest sport on World. But nowadays I go out for fun. I see beautiful views, I enjoy snow and sun, and from time to time I still go out for hour and spit my lungs out on top of the hill Before I went out to train and to be faster. It was still fun, but it was different fun as it's now.
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Originally Posted by Alpinord View Post
Breckview, try racing your dog on a field of crust with a slight slope. You can skate ski faster than a dog in a dead run.
Our dog friendly nordic loop has long low-angle downhills where if I'm not skating or poling he (German Shepherd) and I are moving at the exact same speed and he's at a full speed gallop about two feet to my side. It's the coolest thing. I can talk to him and he'll look up at me slightly. TMI probably but I really love it.
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Ok, if we want to skate casually, I can offer some tips:

Make sure your skis are really fast. Fishscales, residual kick wax etc. make it about impossible to learn to skate. Get real skate gear and give it the glide wax of the day.

Learn to skate slowly. It is easy to make skis skate by forcing them, but you won't last long. When I first tried to learn it I had to stop every kilometer. Try skating without poles, small steps, just letting them glide.

Don't feel you need to V-2 (one -skate in the Canadian language) up the hills like the top racers in the video. That takes some combination of great grooming, great balance or great conditioning.
In the early days of skating Torgny Mogren won the World Cup using the V-1 (offset) just about everywhere, and 80% of that off one side. Many skiers don't get beyond that phase and still get around pretty well. Learn a few strides well enough to have fun first, then worry about all the refinements.

<Tongue in cheek> Bike racers in particular seem to squat on their strong thighs. I guess that is what comes naturally to them, but geez, have some sympathy. It is painful to see the trails covered with squatting skaters, emblazoned with their bike sponsors clothing. You guys need to study the videos b31 put up, and get the hips up and forward.

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Primoz, I was referring to how the talking heads, media and casual viewers seem to have little respect that anyone of the competitors is a 'failure' if they don't win or get a medal. The simple fact they are there at that level, demands respect and admiration. At lesser levels, excellence and competitiveness is still present and is also to be admired. There is clearly a difference regarding RECREATIONAL skiers taking it all too seriously. (This site may not exist if not for over amped rec skiers. .)

Newf, thanks I'll see if I can avoid the 'squats'. The currently quandary is powder skiing or skate ski. I'll let the dog decide. ....or maybe I can pull off both?
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