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Chamonix or Meribel??

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My boyfriend and I are wanting to do the season in France, we have narrowed it down to either Chamonix or Meribel (3 Vallies) and we can't decide which one would be better in terms of the following..

-Which area would be cheaper in terms of accommodation, pass price and general living costs?
-Chamonix is bigger than Meribel, but would it be just as easy to find a job that doesn't require you to speak French in Meribel?
-Which has more/better terrain, terrain parks and snow conditions?
-Would there be as many jobs available in Meribel as there would be in Chamonix and which town would pay better?
-Which town has better overall lift access and general 'young party' atmosphere?

Please help us out, we just want to be sure that we have a mad season!

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(1) Read a few guidebooks.
(2) Listen to the advice from the members here who have been to both.
(3) Pick one and don't think twice about your choice - you're choosing between a BMW and a Mercedes.
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To take a page out of the TGR textbook

If you posted a picture of yourself you would get a better answer.

Seriously, both are great and as the other poster said, you cannot go wrong between the two....having said that I prefered Meribel. It strikes me as being smaller (in a good way) and a "clubbier".

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Not being able to speak French is a disadvantage, but not fatal. Not getting your act together before the start of the season probably is. Sorry.
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I would choose chamonix. It has more English speaking people - and has a better party atmosphere.
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If you are looking for work then definitely Cham, presuming you get a job there. More options for cheaper living and more partying.

But before, find a job first and go from there. You aren't the only ones with that idea and most of the opportunities will likely be gone by now. Good luck.
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Cheaper? Depends - probably Chamonix, but the lift pass price could be more if you want to cover all the resorts.

Language? No problem. English should be enough. But if you're looking for a job for this season, you've left it a bit late - although you may still be lucky. Do you have valid work permits? (check out somewhere like www.natives.co.uk for jobs in the alps). The pay will be similar in both towns.

Meribel has more accessible terrain. Chamonix has more fun terrain.

Both towns have a great atmosphere, but Meribel will have more tourists through it, while Chamonix will have more locals
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I merged all three threads into one in the more specific Eurozone forum.
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Chamonix is ideal for a season, not so ideal for a short stay. With all the resorts being separate it takes some time to explore and find your spot, but once you got it the place is impossible to beat. Ski passes aren't bad if you get them early. Language is no worry. I would suggest simply going to town and staying in a hostel, i lived at Chamoniard Volante, while you search for an apartment. There are bulletine boards all over town, I found the Casino Supermarche by the river to have a great one.
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Originally Posted by Marty View Post
I would choose chamonix. It has more English speaking people - and has a better party atmosphere.
You have got to be joking! Meribel is little Britain. Chamonix is a proper grown-up French town ... yes, English is fine, but you'll hear a lot more French there.

At this stage of the season anyone's chances of getting a job in Chamonix are minimal; the organised saisonnaires have been on the case for a while now.

Similar in Meribel, I'm afraid. The other problem you have as Aussies is that you need a work visa ... unless you also have a European passport (this obviously includes UK and Ireland).

If you do have a Euro passport, your best bet might be to get in contact with a British tour operator. Most of them have filled all their positions but they do have reserve lists.

Good luck. I think you'll need it.
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