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what doesn't it do?

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agreeing that there is no perfect all rounder ski, I decided to think about what CAN'T I do with a certain ski, and then decide if I can live without that functionality b/c it either doesn't fit my skiing, or I have another ski to fill that void.

So what can't the Enforcer do? I bought an 08 Watea 84 but still haven't mounted it up yet, but now I'm looking at an 08 Enforcer (with the twin tip) b/c I want to go wider. I was kind of wanting the 94 last year, going back and forth, but got a great deal on the 84. Now I'm already thinking the 84 isn't fatty enough.

I already have an RC4 for super hardpack days...so I'm thinking that and the Enforcer would make a better two ski quiver than the RC4 and Watea 84.

Using the enforcer for my everyday ski, and my RC4 for ice days, what WON'T I be able to do?

Also, anybody want an 08 Watea 84? Never used, never mounted? Also a pair of Head LD12's with wide brake. Hoping to sell for the cost of picking up the enforcers.
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How long are the 84s, and how much do you want?
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The 84's are 184's and sale would be dependent on getting the enforcers.
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Its not the plane, its the pilot.

Go read this thread, then don't worry about the skis. Take a look at what is pointing down that chute? Its not the width or the length of his skis that makes a "condition" or terrain possible. You can't buy that turn.

FWIW, the idea of a narrow carving ski combined with a 98 mm freeride ski is a sound idea. It doesn't actually help answer the question "what WON'T I be able to do", but it widens the possibilities of what you could do if you invest in the skiing side of that equation.
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perfect, b/c i don't plan on doing any touring.

Anything else? Seems like this ski will rip on groomers, slay crud, and float in the pow. Am I missing anything?

I think I am not going to have a good bump ski, which is one reason I could be happy with the Watea 84, not that it's great in bumps, but just a little more nimble. But I have noticed as I get older that I ski less bumps, and when I do I am not pounding a line so hard anyway and more just picking my way through...which I think I'll be able to do on the enforcers.
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As CR pointed out, you can do anything on anything. You can ski powder on race skis and race on powder skis. The differences lie in the relative areas of performance of the skis and on your priorities.

I'll have a ski in my quiver much like the ones you speak of. In fact, one will be an 84 and the other will be very close to the Enforcer. When it has not snowed lately (like in 4-5 days) I'll take the Wateas, when it's more recent than that, I'll take the wider choice.

I don't like bumps much but I ski off trail at least 75% of the time. With no recent snow, there will be bumps (or at least lumps) and the Watea will be better at that so that's what I'll take.

As always.....it's priorities

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Thanks SJ. I wish I could have a quiver like yours, but realistically, I'm looking at a 2 ski quiver. Also, being in KC, my ski days are generally planned out in advance, so I never know what the conditions will be, but I know I'll be skiing on those days regardless of the conditions. I know I can do anything on any ski, but I also know that certain skis do certain things better. Can I ski powder on my RC4's, sure, but it won't be as fun/easy/enjoyable as it would be on the 84 or the Enforcer.

I'm not looking to have the BEST ski for all conditions, but to have 2 skis that will cover the most ground so to speak. I just thought maybe the Enforcer/RC4 quiver covered more than the 84/RC4 quiver.
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