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I think this is the name of the Ski Academy in St. Christoph am Arlberg that was mentioned somewhere in an earlier thread. Does anybody here know anything about it? Can anybody go there and learn about ski teaching? Do they do it in English as well as German? Would it be benificial to someone such as myself?
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Anyone who asks is a good candidate for the Bundessportheim. I know a few grads, all of them presently dwelling on Mt. Olympus drinking nectar and eating ambrosia with guys like Zeus. It's that good.

Your best bet for more info is the PSIA division office. Probably John Armstrong, PSIA Pres., is as good as any to ask about entrance requirements. Go to the www.psia.org web site, log on, go to Who's Who, find John Armstrong, and send an email.
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I might be off the track here - but I think that is where Monika & Brad Spaldings SLAP course people go.
The SLAP course includes german lessons to be able to do the exams in GERMAN - no?

As for the standard - umm if it is the place I am thinking of one of my instructors had his Staatliche(??sp) & trained for Brad & Monika - he is also an examiner here.
He was (& is but now head of race dept) AWESOME. All the instructors he trained that I spoke to say the same.
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here is the link - now you can check if I stuffed up

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Hmm... SLAP looks pretty cool, although it appears to be aimed at intermediate level skiers. Also, it looks like it starts this week or next.

I'm confused now though. SLAP goes to the Budessportheim in Obergurgl? So there are two of them. I did a search for Bundessportheim and mostly found links to SLAP, only one reference to St. Christoph. I think I'll have to do as Nolo said and ask around.
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Originally posted by epic:
Hmm... SLAP looks pretty cool, although it appears to be aimed at intermediate level skiers. ...
I wouldn't think so - it is an instructor training course.

I know my instructor was a trainer for them & trained instructors for 4 australian ski schools for examination purposes. You would be in good hands with Franno!

Also remember APSI level 1 is about equivalent to PSIA 2
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Ok it says this

"To take skiers from an intermediate or higher level depending on ability, on to Instructors / Level One Austrian ski instructors qualification.
To provide assistance with placement and relocation for suitable SLAP graduates after programme completion. All training and tech talks are presented in English apart from special German studies. "

the bolding is mine...

Again Nolo or someone else may enlighten - but I believe that Austrian Level 1 is about the same as APSI 1 ie about PSIA level 2 standard.

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