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Eye surgery?

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No, I'm not offering it, but wondering about people's experiences of it.

I've just had to change my lenses from regular to toric (monthly) and they just don't seem to fit as well as the old ones. They move a lot more too and have an occasional tendency to end up off centre, "round the back". I'm thinking.... bombing down a trail, wind in my face & a new pair of lenses every other day gets expensive.

I wonder about surgery from time to time and I know there's now LASEK as well as LASIK.

I don't even know if I'd be suitable. My prescription is -5.75 each side and both are corrected for astigmatism too.

Any feedback would be welcome.


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I had Lasik done 2 days after 9/11. I was at -5.25 and -5.75 in my eyes. Best thing I ever did for myself. Go see a good Doctor.
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There's a long thread with good stuff about Lasik here: Lasik Stories
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Im not sure what refractive surgery is like in Eurpoe, but I'll tell you what I would do.

1. There are hundreds of different toric contact lenses available. Maybe the ones you're in just arent right for you. This happens.

If you really want eye surgery, then this is what I would do:

1. Ask friends and family to reccommend a good eye doctor. Go see them for an exam, and ask if you are a 'good' cannidate for eye surgery. Not everyone is.

2. Stay away from discount eye surgery centers. You really do get what you pay for. Do some research, and get the best surgeon you can.
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I too wear toric lenses, soft toric lenses. If the lenses are moving around it might mean that they are the wrong size, have your eyes remeasured...also make sure you dont have the RT and LT lenses mixed up. If all checks out, try a different brand, it does make a difference.
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Originally Posted by simonbda View Post
There's a long thread with good stuff about Lasik here: Lasik Stories
Thanks Simonbda - I had looked for a relevant thread, but had only found archived ones from 2005.

Maybe I ned my eyes checked :-)

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My wife had a laser operation last autumn... Now she can drive without glasses... The best spent money in her life

She had about -14... It was fun when I was drunk and she was driving... Night, fog, icy road...

After operation eyes are very sensitive to light and water may not come into eyes (risk of infection)...
Sports activities are not recomended either...

My wife had a time table:
No swimming for 6 months etc... I don't remember details...
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Love it.. would never go back. I had a pretty bad astigmatism as well and now I'm 20/15. Make sure that you use the one that is customized to your eye. Go see a good eye surgeon; he is the only one who can tell you if you are a good candidate.

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had the surgery done in november 2005 after putting it off for years. everyone in my family and lots of my friends had it done before me but since i stare at a computer screen all day, i was kind of thinking it wouldn;t be for me. i was apprehensive like everyone who hasn;t gotten it done. there is pain involved but ultimately, the best 4000$ i have spent to date.

what it took as the final straw to get it done was 2 incidents-i was skiing at whistler on a warm day, took off my glasses to wipe them down and one of the lenses popped out. had to find someone with a utility knife to turn the screws and get the lense back in. how lame! another time, i got into a car accident and my glasses got thrown into the back of my SUV. so i was pretty much blind and had to climb back into my wrecked SUV and find the parts for my glasses.

got my eyes done by Ken Moedell here in midtown manhattan. he's semi famous because he did the eyes for Bernie Williams, Tiki Barber and I believe Bode Miller. it;s a little cheesy that he gave me a signed autograph by Bernie Williams thanking him but he does do the surgery himself if that is any consolation. plus he won;t push you to have the surgery if it won't be successfull. one of my coworkers went to him but he;s got a serious eye condition and he told him to wait till the technology can handle him.

if you get it done, 2 things will make it cheaper-if you have Vision Service Plan, you can get a 20% discount. another is if you have flex spending account, put all your money into it for the year and use it for the surgery at the end so effectively, it;s tax free.

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