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any thoughts?

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Tell that kid to put his tounge back in his head before he bits it off.;-)
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you need to dress better.
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
you need to dress better.
I thought you had a sweater for me...
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You're correct about the hands. You're losing sight of the inside hand, especially as you prepare for the pole touch.

Nice edging by both of you.
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Shot 1 inside shoulder way too low, outside hand too far forward. Shots 3,4, & wife, stance too wide. Wife maybe excessive tip lead?...hard to tell from the angle. Note that often we talk about the hand position, but usually we really want to correct the arm and/or shoulder position. Can you add even more counter (inside hip pushed forward, outside hip pulled back, inside shoulder back & down)?...and very early in the turn?...(can't tell from these stills).
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Originally Posted by Kneale Brownson View Post
You're correct about the hands. You're losing sight of the inside hand, especially as you prepare for the pole touch.
Which leads to over-rotation. But all in all, pretty nice form, props.
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This is the nice thing about skiing Killington early season: there is only one way down & the photog is there every run.

Thanks for the insights. The funny aspect of this was that I was supprised not to be going sideways after the way first day out felt.
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Nice photos, paticularry the kid .
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This poor photog must get bored, yet this is the primary way down now.

Turkey day:
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Last photo's aren't clear enough, but it looks as though you need to smile more
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hands look contrived and not natural dont think about it you have the idea down but stop thinking about its making you stiff.

you do rip on snow can you post video
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I saw you from the snowdon quad. I watched you ski about 50 yards and followed your tracks back up a ways.

As SoftSnowGuy hinted, you probably haven't finished dialing in your lateral balance for the season yet. Although your race training was obvious and your skiing is generally powerful, you were using the inside ski as a crutch.

To help dial this back in for the new season, I'd suggest you ski a few runs with the inside ski lifted and a few doing javelin turns. Your skiing instincts should kick in and effect the lateral balance changes SSG was suggesting.

Please don't take my comments harshly. You caught my eye because you were the best skier on the slope at that moment.
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Thanks for the comments, not harsh at all. I think most are dead on. I have a really bad habit of dropping the inside arm. While the hands look a little forced at present, I'm working on it. I was really suprised to watch just how far ahead some of the ski team folks had their hands. If anything, I want them to end up a little more forward, but relaxed. When the hand drops, I end up rotating (& thus not really able to get inside the turn).
In seasons past I would go bowlegged & drive the inside knee to the snow (not certain what started this), this too is a work in progress. I struggle to stay on the outside ski.
My wife has been coaching me & I really need to listen to her more!
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Stills are such a bad way to do movement analysis, Wanna hands drill, do pole drags where both need to stay on the snow. That should give you an idea where the hands should be. Remember, hand position and arm usage are a consequence of upper body discipline in that they are usually a corrective movement. Which leads back to the idea that they are usually balancing modifiers. Same thing can be said for the rotation. It's usually because you want the skis to turn more, or quicker. Figure out why and if there is some other part of the body that would do the job more effectively. Beyond that as you get more dynamic give yourself a pass and don't fret too much about the arms until later in the season. I have a lot of instrctors who get obsessive about form this time of year. Most end up posing instead of just skiing.
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