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Helicopter practice?

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I've been itching to try a heli for years but have never had the guts. The problem with a heli is that you can't do a "little one" and work your way up. It's all or nothing. When I was learning spreads, daffies, and backscratchers, it was pretty easy to start by doing a little one and working up to a full one.

I *think* I'll be able to do one. Standing stationary on the snow in my skis, I can do a 180. However, my fear is that I'll get halfway around and stall.

Anyone have any tips on 360's?
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I'm not much of a trickskier at all, in fact I try not to do any. I just go as big as I can and that is good enough for me, but I used to want to pull a heli. My only advice is just throw it. Find some powder and build a ramp so you have a hard hit and a soft landing. I crashed my first 3 attempts and finally gave up, but it didn't matter cause the landings were in powder.
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Type in 360 into the archive search, this topic has been gone over a few different times. There are a few explintaions of 360's.
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Thanks for the tips and the excellent links. There's a lot of good info there.

Now to just try one...
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If you have been doing 180's you are on track. Now just throw one a little harder and bigger. You don't need huge air but you do need something somewhat large. Just remember to look over your sholder (Left sholder if you spin left) throughout you rotation and when you seen your landing stair at it. The head plays a huge role in your spins. If you neglect to look over your sholder your rotation will slow down quite a bit.
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