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Who's using it? Any impressions, Pros/Cons? What differences did you detect from normally aligned boots?

Thanks in advance.
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I had the RC 4 years back --used them for one season. The duck-foot was OK but I couldnt stand the flex pattern and no modifications seemed to help.

The stance is set up differently than an Atomic with a similar duck-foot profile. The swivel point is from the center, where others like Atomic and Nordica have the swivel from the heel.

Just standing in the boots you won't be able to tell anything is different from a neutral stanced-boot. Its when you start flexing them on the hill that you can tell there is something going on. It's hard to describe the exact feel but you will probably either love or hate it.

It does feel more natural but for me there was a trade-off in terms of control at turn initiation. It seemed harder to maintain forward pressure and remain balanced. Edging control seemed to be different as well. Then again, thats just me and it could have been the footbeds as well-I was using the custom ones I transferred from my Nordica's. Technique could have something to do with it as well.
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