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Originally Posted by 4ster View Post
I've thought about prescription goggles, but thought it wold be a hassle to have to carry an extra set of glasses with me. Do you have the ones with the integrated lens, or inserts?
I have the ones with integrated lenses. They're no hassle. They sit on my helmat, like any goggle, until needed.

They're 100% functional, with no downside - except they make you look bug-eyed up close.

Prior to finding these Rx goggles, skiing in snow was a constant problem (especially due to the heat and sweat I generate). I skied blind most of the time. I tried everything, and nothing worked.

If I ever lose or damage these things, I'll buy another pair instantly.
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So I Bought OTG Goggles

I'm sure you've all been on the edge of your seat to see what I decided. There is a twist at the end though.

I didn't do a poll but it appeared that the Smith Turbo Fan OTG was the winner. I had been leaning towards the Zeal Rapts OTG but even the ones at Backcountry Outlet were still $119 (Reg is $130 or $140). I think my wife has a coupon so it would have been a bit cheaper, but since I didn't hear much on the Rapts or even the Zeals in general, but a butt load on the Smith's OTG, I was going to head out and get the Smiths. I'm too cheap to spend that much money on something I'm not sure about and the only way to get the Zeal's is to order them online or drive for an hour or more.

Friday morning I sat at the computer to find out who carried the Smith's around here and the first thing I see is Tramdock has the Zeal Rapt OTG for $36.00! Point, Click, Sold! I should have them in a week. I didn't even get a chance to finish my morning coffee.

Even if they don't work as OTG (which is something I desire, not require), they should still work well as goggles and they're polarized! I don't think I get as hot as others when they are riding (at least not my head) so I'm not terribly worried about them fogging. I've had very few issues with this in the past.

Had to get the dark green with racing stripes (no black). Maybe the stripes will help me go faster. I'm not even sure what steeze is so I don't think they'll help that.

I do appreciate all the info provided here. I didn't even think that the glasses inside the goggles would fog; thanks for the heads up.
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