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Marker Plate position on ski?

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Set up: 2008 Volkl Racetiger SL Race Stock 155, Marker Piston Plate, Marker 16.0 EPS Comp bindings, Lange World Cup 130 boot 284 BSL.

Issue: boot center mark is 1/2 inch+ ahead of ski center mark.

I thought the boot center mark should always line up with the ski center mark. The shop said it gets the plate positioning specs from Volkl and when you mount the bindings in the correct plate holes for the BSL the boot center mark doesn't necessarily line up with the ski center mark.

Has anyone else experienced this? The toe piece is in the most rearward holes so it cannot be adjusted back. I used to have the Marker binding that would adjust fore/aft on some free skis (Extreme/Neutral/Speed). I found that in the forward (Extreme) position the ski was nominally quicker/easier in bumps & trees but wouldn't set up and carve an edge worth a damm. The ski (K2 Axis) performed much better in the neutral or aft positions. Based on my past experience I am skeptical of having the boot in a position well ahead of the ski center mark.
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that position is entirely normal for a Slalom ski and yes Volkl provides tested positions that are at times different than those on the sidewall. 155 should be around 81cm from tail to boot toe position. and for different boot lengths this can show varying amounts of deviation at the centre mark
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Thank you. It helps to get confirmation on this. I measured and the toe position is 80.0cm from the tail, which would indicate a position very close, slightly aft, of the position you mentioned.

Thanks again!
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