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> ...It roughly translates to Inuktitut as “ikky pew yukki”...

I certainly hope our own Yuki has been properly informed of your literary discovery. This could have major implications with respect to his screen name, his sig line, etc. Then again, maybe his kids have been telling him this for years.

Tom / PM

PS - I did more Googling of the phrase as lyrics (particularly from Zappa) and still can't pull up an exact hit. FWIW, I remember the wording as slightly different from Rusty's version, something more like, "...don't you eat the yellow snow, don't go where the doggies go...", and yes, I have heard instructors (of the right vintage) jokingly use it as a "ski tip".

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Frank Zappa. The song was "Don't eat the yellow snow" from Apostrophe. "

Obviously, you need more practice on your googling.
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Thanks. It was driving me nuts. Here's a link:

http://www.science.uva.nl/~robbert/z...trophe/01.html , and the exact wording is:

"Watch out where the huskies go, and don't you eat that yellow snow"

FZ had a thing for yellow snow, didn't he. This song immediately preceeds "Nanook Rubs It" on the album.

I bow to your obviously superior Googling powers. Perhaps the rank of Supreme Googlisimo should be awarded for meritorious service.

Tom / PM

PS - Sorry about the temporary derailing. Just another example of how old-timers are easily distracted and like to argue about trivial things from the past. Back to your regular programming now.

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Trivia???? Rock lyrics trivia, how dare you! They are art, poetry, high culture I say. Well, at least get high culture.
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Rock fans, I feel bad about any further derailment of this thread, so my response to Springhill is over in this
new thread .

Tom / PM

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Somethnig useful for beginners is..."Breathe". Works a treat! [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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I feel bad about any further derailment of this thread
I am sorry, PM, but first dibs on that goes to BillA, whose potty talk began the detour of our nice little thread.

Bec, a very good tip and so easy to forget--Breathing is one that works for anyone.

Breathe, stand up, feet a comfortable distance apart, ready hands, eyes forward and ahead, shoulders parallel to the ground--all the same advice you'd get in any sport. Something about learning new sports makes us gasp, cower, tense, squint, and kink. It's like the old joke--Patient: Doc, it hurts when I do this! Doc: Then stop doing it.
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Enjoy yourself.
(You might even like it)

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To make amends for my participation in the previous derail, I offer these:

To keep a quiet upper body,
"Your belly button is an eye, look down the hill"

To get out of the back seat,
"Imagine there is a penny inside your boot between your shin and the tongue of your boot. Don't let it fall, hold it in place"
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I am sorry, PM, but first dibs on that goes to BillA, whose potty talk began the detour of our nice little thread.
Try not to have a good time, this is supposed to be educational.
Charles Schultz pg. 63 "Skiing Right" by Horst Abraham
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Touche, BillA! :
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master a move in slow motion then add the speed. Its a great tip for men since most have a tendancy to muscle moves they don't master.
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"Just put a pinch 'tween yer cheek and gum."

- Walt Garrison

I haven't looked back since.
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"Plant your corn early"-Jed Clampett when urged to give a tip to a waitress.
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"Never fry bacon when you're naked"

"Don't eat under-cooked pork... you'll get tapeworms"

Seriously though. I heard a weird tip come from a fellow instructor in Angel Fire, NM. Worked like a charm. The class of 8 kids (6-7 yrs old) was working on their turning and matching their skis to parallel as much as possible. The set-up consisted of a story about a planet in another galaxy (Planet Zog) that had really cloudy air... except for the two feet closest to the ground. The people there had developed eyes in their knees so that they could stay standing tall, yet see where they were going under the clouds. So if the "aliens" wanted to turn left, they looked left with their "alien eyes". Kids were making weird other-worldly noises, acting silly... and TURNING. It was awesome.

When I heard this story for the first time, there almost wasn't enough forehead to keep my eyebrows from invading my hair-line. I thought it was dumb. But I asked him about it one day and he told me to listen real closely next time and here's what I found.

1. Safety - "look where you are going." Even though the eyes were in the knees, it still puts into the childs mind to pay attention.
2. Fun - to weird and silly-hearted to not be fun!
3. Learning - "...can stay standing tall..." speaks for itself. By "looking" to the left and right with the knees, the kids begin to learn how to move both legs at the same time, as well as change direction, and it allows the kids to let go of the wedge by replacing it with another turning impetus!!

I use this one for the little ones whenever I get a chance. Sometime we even make up alien names for ourselves. (I'm usually "Garthog: Devourer of Coneheads")

Spag :
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Originally posted by PinHed:
master a move in slow motion then add the speed. Its a great tip for men since most have a tendancy to muscle moves they don't master.
Pinhead-great quote-you planning to give up IT and come over to the ski school this coming season? Probably couldn't stand the pay cut.

Seriously though, if you watch a lot of classes it definitely a male tendancy to try to beat the mountain into submission. And it is not just limited to skiing. If I had a dollar for every guy I tried to get to slow down the transition in their golf swing I'd be almost wealthy. Guess if your plan is to "hunker down and mash on that ski" hunkering down and mashing a golf ball works too. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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