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Help me choose a Pacific NW Ski

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6', 170lbs. Advanced skier. I recently moved to Portland and will ski 20+ days at Mt. Hood, a few at Mt. Bachelor, and 10 days in Utah. I'm looking for a ski that is ideal for my local conditions (crud and some powder, I understand), but that will still float enough in the Utah powder.

I like pushing myself hard, enjoy steep slopes, trees, and technical skiing. I have strong legs from bike racing but lack beautiful technique.

I want a fairly stiff crud ski that can float in powder and that can still turn well enough for enjoying some trees. 80% off-piste.


My want-to-demo list:
Line Prophet 100 (can it handle the crud?)
Dynastar Legend Pro
Dynastar Mythic Rider
Movement Thunder
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since you have already drafted up an "want to demo" list, why not just demo and go from there?
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Originally Posted by dookey67 View Post
since you have already drafted up an "want to demo" list, why not just demo and go from there?
Sorry if I was unclear. I am hoping that someone might be able to help me to add more skis to my list, perhaps some that might be better suited to the terrain I am skiing or to my skiing style.

I am still very new to researching ski gear, and I've done my best by searching through this forum to learn as much as possible before posting. Does my want-to-demo list seem appropriate, or should it be refined more?
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Different strokes... I've never skied the PDX area, but for points north + UT, my "demo" list would look roughly like:

Hell Bents
EP Pros
Huge Troubles
Lhasa Pows
Sir Francis Bacons

Maybe in the more conventional and narrower ( ) realm,look at Icelantic Nomads (the bigger ones), Dough Boys, Gotamas, P100, etc...

In general, these kinds of skis compromise on the crappy days. And they won't be your best ever "technical" skis the way folks here use that term. But they do fine on average days & kill it on the great ones. Fat and rockered definitely makes the heavy deep PNW days easier - heck, just a ton more fun IMO. And the wide-ish rockered (tip or overall)/flat skis are great PNW spring skis. I expect to see a ton of HBs and EP Pros as day to day skis up here this year...

So the big question is which conditions and terrain do you want to compromise away?
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Lib Tech NAS Freeride.

designed in the PNW, too.
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I was counting on you for that

Saw a fair number at Stevens last year...
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You could also add the head im88 as well as the elan 888. Both would do well.. Me I went thru this and I purchased the Thunders.. They absolutely kill if you like to push hard and have the need for speed...
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Fischer Watea

Fischer Watea 94 is very versatile for our softer snow conditions. Short,quicker, zippier smaller resort type ski go for the 178, want more stability, more cumbersome in moguls, better float, bigger mountain ski go for the 186. Great crud and groomer performance-period!!! Hold their own very well in powder and during slow or fast speeds. Check out Sierra Jims - I think I saw them for under $400 which is a steal!!! These skis made Mt. Hood feel smaller when I skied there last year in all types of conditions. Tight moguls and ice not so fun in my 186s. I'm 190 5' 11".

Get the Watea 84 if you are more intermediate type.

The others you mentioned are good choices too from what I've heard, but no first hand experience. Good luck, and welcome to the NW - you'll love it.
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Gotta consider Head Monster 88's in the 175cm length. Damp is beautiful, but they're also second to none in edge grip.

And they're not too stiff like the Nordica Jet Fuels.
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When skiing Bachelor, come by the shop in Sunriver, and we will hook you up with a complimentary demo. We don't have everything on your list, but have the Mythic Rider and Legend Pro set up for demo. We also have the Watea 94, Elan 888, Head iM88, Head Mojo 94, and a set of Hellbents, as well as a Huge Trouble. All fun skis to try.

Honestly, it is going to depend on the type of year we get. Last year, wider was better, almost as a general rule. It just didn't stop snowing, and even 100mm underfoot seemed too skinny at times. I picked up my Huge Trouble in late February, and if I hadn't broken my leg, probably would have had at least 15 days on it by May 1st.

Also, Hood gets more and heavier snow than Bachelor. The super-wide skis are much less popular down here, as the snow tends to be lighter and there are few days where they are really find the conditions they were designed for. Last season was obviously an exception.

2 seasons ago, for example, I was on stuff 88mm wide pretty much all of the time, and only had 2 days where I really wanted more ski. OTOH, there were plenty of days that would have sucked on a super wide ski, where instead I had fun ripping around on a decent carver.

Most of the good skiers are skiing something 80-90 for their everyday ski at Bachelor. I don't know about other areas. Most of us industry types have a couple of pairs, as spring skiing is rock hard in the morning, and perfect for a carver or race ski. We get a fair number of "carver" days at any rate, so it is nice to have one on hand, but certainly not necessary. Bachelor is known for super-long, wide open groomers with nary a soul in sight on weekdays.

If I could only have 1 ski, it would be something like the Elan 888.
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