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fischer big heat??????????

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it seems really difficult to find out anything about this ski,even from fischer.
anyone skied it?
is it a 90mm waist carver in the rx family or a 90mm off piste ......what? anything like the watea 84 or 94?
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Not even close to the Wateas. The Heats are hard-snow (or heavy snow) skis. They are beefy as hell.
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Are they good on the hard snow? They seem like they'd rip on the groomers with the metal, the vertical sidewall, and the flowflex plate. But it sounds as if they are just too stiff and heavy to take off piste? Is that kind of the consensus? And so if they're just going to be a front side groomer ski there are so many other choices that would be a little better?

Wondering if this ski would be a decent choice for somebody who skis about 10-90 off-on piste? Or is it just worthless off piste? They are certainly cheap right now on eBay.
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no love for the Big Heat?

i guess thats why they're so cheap
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They are cheap because Fischer brought in too many skis last year. Watea 84's from last year were equally cheap toward the end of the season, and the 94's could be had for a song as well. The Cold Heat was/is a great ski, I had a pair last year and liked it very much (better than the Watea 84). They are strong skis, though, and tend to be best for the aggressive skier, especially with that alloy plate.

The Big Heat is basically a ski close to that of the Hellcat from Nordica. A strong, yet wide ski. Not the best choice for uncut snow, but a terrific crudbuster and much better than average carver for the 90mm width. Most people were probably looking for something softer at 90mm underfoot, so it probably didn't have much of a target audience. But, a great ski still; it compares well to the stronger 88mm skis out there, like the iM88.

Regarding weight: they are heavy, but I haven't ever noticed weight of a ski except when I am walking to the lift in the morning and walking to the car in the afternoon. I can't buy into the theory that heavier skis are somehow worse: they stay grounded better than light skis, and I have never noticed sluggishness in getting a "heavy" ski onto edge. In fact, most of my favorite skis could be considered "heavy" as they have a dense wood core and quite a bit of metal. Lighter, cap/foam core skis nearly never agree with me. We weighed a Cold Heat in 176 and a Watea 94 w/Mojo 15 in a 178, and the weight difference was 300g (around 10 ounces) per ski. For someone who weighs 175lbs, that is an increase in around .6% of overall body weight.
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thanks dawg

its amazing how many places stock fischer heat,but not this one. a burly stiff groomer 90mm waist may not have a place
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duke, I do think skis like the Big Heat have limited appeal to many skiers -- I can think of two great skis I'd rather own than one compromised ski like the Big Heat.
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Yeah, but if the price is right...I have a pair I am looking to get rid of (cheaply) in 174, if anyone is interested. They are new....

The Big Heat was a bit of a crossover ski, hence it being discontinued for 2009. More boutique brands such as Fischer should offer fewer models, not more, as they aren't widely distributed and too many models creates confusion (this is probably a good general rule that all ski companies should follow, although they rarely do).

I still think the Cold Heat has a place, as it is a great crudbuster and carver and terrific at speed, and superior to the Watea 84 for stronger skiers. It isn't unlike the Blizzard Magnum 8.1 and Elan 82ti, although oddly, I ski a 170 in the Cold Heat, whereas I am a 176 on the Elan. The 176 Cold Heat was much too long for me.
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I demoed this back in 2007 and loved the ski http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=61915

"RX Big Heat 185cm - Very impressed with this ski, although they seemed liked the heaviest ski that I demoed all day, they were very nimble, stable and quick from edge to edge for such a wide ski (90cm). Edgehold was great and I started to think this may be the next addition to my quiver."

The ski rips and although I didn't ski them in powder I'd think they'd be like any other 90mm waisted ski. To me heavy and stiff are good things (I weigh 195) in and out of the pow as that translates directly to stability. That said, if you had bad form the Big Heat isn't what I'd consider a forgiving ski. I'd recommend it for an advanced skier who really knows how to carve, however, for a beginner or intermediate I think it wouldn't be forgiving enough.
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