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New to skiing need help picking gear

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I just went skiing for the first time this past week and had a blast i am hooked for sure so i am now in the market for ski gear but im not sure what to buy exactly. i rented a set of 132" inch skis and they did fine i guess but now im planning to go back this weekend and want to buy some on the way up there so what should i buy i have read that weight and height play a factor. im 5 10 and weigh 155 not sure what other factors apply.
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Hi hhotek. Welcome to the best sport in the world. My first piece of advice is this; take the money you are going to spend on new skis and pay for a few lessons, I assure you, you won't regret it.

Lessons will give you a foundation to build your skiing on. You will learn proper technique and be given the tools to progress on your own. By the time you're done with 3 or 4 lessons you'll be ready to buy some skis that you can use for several years. Good luck.

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11 foot skis would be sick
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There are plenty of threads in the past on this subject, including the sticky. You may want to start there.
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i had no idea their were so many variables to picking out a set of skis. I thought body size was the main determining factor, and who would have thought the boots mattered very much. A little reading goes a long ways..lol..

thanks i still dont think im any closer to picking out what i need though now i just have more things to consider before making the purchase.
If i wanted to buy say 3 different lengths as well as styles of skiis to try out over the next week or so what 3 sets would be good to buy to be able to get an idea of what i prefer?
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Since you should be set up for boots first anyway, go to a reputable ski shop and/or find a good boot fitter. Once you have settled with boots, check for what they have in inventory or head for a local swap.

There are way too many models of entry level to low intermediate skis to mention and reviews are rarely available. Depending on where you ski, there is a small difference in preference at that level. Something somewhat modern, small to mid underfoot, soft and around 170cm would probably work for you. So, pick a graphics and go with it.

Next take a lesson or two to get a feel for how the skis are to be used. Practice some and take more lessons. Once you can mastered the fundamentals and outgrown your equipment, then upgrade. I think at that point, and not until then, it makes a lot more sense for ask for a recommendation.

Now, if you're increditibly atheletic and a really quick learner, we'll hear back from you very soon.

Good luck.
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Chaos nailed it. Skiing gear can get REALLY confusing and unnecessarily complex and niche oriented. By taking some lessons you will start to build a solid foundation of proper technique (much of skiing is counter-intuitive, learning on your own produces really BAD results), this foundation will go a long way toward your future in the sport.

The equipment you should use initially is very different from what you will want to ski on after a few days of learning, buying now will either hamstring your ability to learn now or cripple your ability to progress later. Buying boots makes sense, if you NEED to buy something, start there.

I SELL skis for a living, my advice is don't buy yet, rent and take some lessons. The more the better.
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Rent for the first few days. Then when you have an idea of how you prefer or get to ski (fast or slow, groomed or ungroomed, hard or soft snow), what you like and don't like about the ski's you have been on (keep track of the model, not just the make), then you will be in a better position to decide on what to get.

You should get good fitting boots that are snug on every part of your foot, but painless as well. That may seem like mission impossible, but it is worth doing.

You will probably end up getting some mid-level skis. Post again after you have a wee bit more time on snow and we may be able to guide you better. Expertskier.com also has some pretty good reviews in their subscription site going back a few years to help you choose.
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