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turning help

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I've been skiing for a few seasons (only a few days each season though) and have started to go down the longer steeper runs. especially since I'm going to head out to tahoe in 2 weeks, I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong in my turns. whenever I try to turn hard my calves start taking a beating and I'm usually burnt after a long run and have to rest a bit b4 going back up. now is this becasue I'm just trying to turn too hard? or more likely just doing something wrong?

can anyone point me to a instructional site about some basica techniques? I know the best way is to just get some instruction from a class on the slopes, but I'd like to read up on this as well. Thanks.
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Maybe if you had some ski boots it might be easier?

If your calves are burning, your are most likely skiing with your weight to far back. There are dozens of possible reasons for this ranging from equipment to technique. A lesson is the quickest way to find out why and how to fix it.

Bob Barnes at Winter Park has some great tips for skiers

I have links to other tips on the web on my web site at therusty.com
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lol, yeah, i know, no boots makes it hard doesn't it? heh.

thanks for the links they're awsome.
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