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Getting back into skiing....what to buy?

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As of last year, I decided to go back to skiing after snowboarding for about ten years - knee problems and generally feeling too old to look good on a snowboard anymore!

Prior to ten years ago I used to ski - not often, maybe couple of times per year - but naturally the skis and technique were very different.

Towards the end of the season in 08 I decided I'd had enough of snowboarding, hired myself some skis and took a lesson. I was amazed at how it all came back to me relatively easily, and at how much easier it was than I remembered it being ten years ago.

So with the new season dawning, I'm keen to get myself the right set of skis and boots. My level of skill is maybe intermediate at the low end, but I'm dedicated! I live near the Dolomites in Italy so get up to ski at least most weeks. So far I always find myself skiiing on piste, so off-piste is not a big priority for me after my experiences trying it once and having to crawl on my belly across a 500 metre plateau of powder at 3000 metres....don't recommend it...

I've started to ask at various ski shops about possible skis to consider. In all three shops I've visited, there are two models that always get recommended which are:

Head, Supershape Magnum 170 (FF13 bindings)
Salomon Equipe GC Race Z12 - 170

some shops recommend a 170 as a max height for my requirements - another guy recommended a 162....

I'd be very grateful for any thoughts or feedback and of you can give - about me, skill level you know, I'm six feet (182cm) tall, weigh 78 Kg (170 pounds), size 11 UK shoe size so quite long and wide feet (on a snowboard I used a wide board).....

As for boots - your comments about choosing boots were helpful - although I'm aware that I should probably not have a boot that is too rigid nor too low...?

I'm relatively fit so don't mind a bit of a work-out on the piste - but saying that I'm not a speed demon - enjoy my turns and trying to make them look as good as possible....

hopefully that's enough info...

Any advice would be really appreciated!


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I would say if you walked in my shop I would sell you the dynastar d-stinct carbons. or contacts. The d-stincts are more of a smooth riding ski i believe and the contacts are a little more aggressive both however are an intermediate ski. Size wise i would suggest either the 165 or 172 would be fine. your not over 200lbs so you can get away with the 165 the nice thing about the contacts is they have dynastar fluid drive cap and binding system, making it easier to intiate and follow through with the turn. The d-stinct carbons also have the fluid drive system but are going to be a little bit more of a leasere ski. Hope this helps, even though I only suggest one brand
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thanks for your thoughts northwest...

I'll look into those skis....

Another ski somebody recommended was the Atomic Bluemoon....does anybody know anything about this ski?\

thanks again

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