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Long time lurker, first post.

6' 3" 175lbs, west coast fyi.

I am a snowboarder turned ski/snowboard and to be honest I am really getting into skiing. To get started I bought a pair of old demo Rossi Cut 10.4 Skis on ebay and some boots and poles at a store closing, i got up to 75mph on them last season unbelievably. I have skiied a full season on them and now want to get something more serious.

I am wanting an all around all mountain ski for mostly groomers, crud, fast runs, steeps and some powder (havent had much of a chance with skis in powder yet), very little park. I am pretty good for one season, a product of already being a good snowboarder. I have found a good deal on either some 08 PE's in 179 (299) or 09 line prophet 90s (499). They say that they will mount the bindings for free and was wondering if you had any binding suggestions as well as how i should tell them to mount them, i think they have a 0-+7 rating? I dont have a ton of experience in it so I just would like a somewhat neutral position, more for riding as opposed to park. Suggestions?