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Steamboat Over New Years

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Will be taking family of four to steamboat over New Years - first time there. Daughters age 9 and 11. We will be staying at Storm Meadows. Looking for some advice:

1) How is the fireworks show and torch parade on new years eve? How long does the activity last? Trying to decide how much of the night this activity will cover and what else is to do on that night - kid appropriate.

2) Kids have skied last two years but want to change to snowboard. Advice on lesson, lenght (1/2 day, full, etc). First day of riding will be new years day - prefer lesson to start that day. I want them to learn but the objective is not to provide mom and dad alone time - its a family trip and we like to do things together. Balance their learning with entire family together.

3) Considering snowmobiling for couple hours or half day. Are msot of the companies the same or any particular preference?

Would appreciate any other advice.
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You will have a wonderful time in Steamboat over New Years. We take our two kids every year as their Christmas present and they just love it. We have stayed at Storm Meadows and it is very convenient.

The fireworks and torch parade are fun. It's early, probably around 7 and does not last more than an hour including the standing around waiting for it to start. The kids love running up the hill watching for the start and the fireworks are great. Like I said, the whole thing is over early, we're generally back in the condo watching tv by 8:30 and with the time change the Times Square ball drops at 10:00. Happy New Year and Goodnight. Also during the holidays there is usually a rail competition at the base one evening. It's fun to watch, but your kids are old enough to watch it alone while you sit in one of the base establishments watching thru the window.

Snowmobiling sounds fun, but it's REALLY cold for the backseat passenger, which your kids will be given their ages. Until they are older I would strongly recommend using your day off to take one of the vans to Strawberry Springs Hot Springs. We usually sleep in on our day off of skiing, make a big breakfast, go to the springs around 11 or so for a couple of hours, and then spend the afternoon wandering around downtown before an early dinner. It's important to go to the springs during the day due to their optional swim suit policy after dark!!!

If you have the chance stop by Howlson Hill to watch the ski jumpers. They are just amazing and it's very fun to watch. A couple of years ago we happened on the US Olympic hopefuls practicing their arials. The kids actually hiked up to the top of the hill and stood listening to the coach give instructions. We were the only ones there!

Last, it's expensive and the show never changes, but our kids love the Western BBQ at the top of the gondola. Make sure you get the early seating, dinner at 6:30 or 7 seems like a good idea at home when you're making the reservation, but you will likely be done skiing with kids by 3 and they are starving by 5:30 and exhausted by 8. Don't wreck an expensive night by making the reservation too late.

We will arrive the 26th for 7 nights, so if you want any more info feel free to PM me!!

Have a great trip!
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