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2 different size foot

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I just went to sun&ski to measure my feet and try on some boots. Here is the situation, my right foot is 25.5 and left is 24.5. Both are wider feet that require ee size boot. So the salesperson there suggested me to put on tecnica vento70&80 25.5. He put a platform-like material under the linen, above the bottom of shell of the left boot ( sorry I do not know how to call it) and a superfeet on the right boot, try to balance my unbalanced feet. I felt 70 is a bit loose on the sides on my feet but 80 is a bit too tight on the side of my right feet. But the top side of my right feet is really tight for both model. So when I took off the boots, top part of my right feet is red hotting eventhough it's just about a 10-mins wearing. The salesperson said it's normal.
1. Is that true?
2. Should I wait till I go to Denver and sacrifice one of my precious vacation day to find boots from a good bootsfitter?
3. or I should try on more models to find a perfect one. I don't know how should I feel if the boots really fits me since I am almost a novice, skiing just 9 days.....
4. Anybody recommend good bootsfitter in DFW area or Austin?

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1) boots will packout, but BRIGHT red, just in one spot is not a good sign
2) yes, boots that don't fit will make you sacrifice more then just one day
3) try somemore boots, read the FAQ on this site. will help you A LOT
4) again a list on this site

FYI: check the shell fit both for width and length first. maybe a 5-10mm shell fit for the larger foot and 15-20mm for the other, THen get the shell expanded for the larger foot.

good bootfitters will be able to help you a bunch and make the next 100-200 ski days WAY better for you
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thx mntlion, I've booked the time with Lee once my wife and I were in Denver. Can't wait to see the benefit.
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