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Northern Utah weather

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Well, just like last year, I have a trip planned to Utah for early Decmber. Just like last year, conditions are not favorable. We arrived last year to huge storms. Unfortunately, they didn't have too much terrain open until we were leaving. Had some great lunches with too much wine. However, I can drink wine here. So hoping for more terrain open this year. I know things can change quickly, but med range forcasts seem to indicate a split flow developing with storms north and south of Northern Utah for foreseeable future. Just wondering if those in area see any signs of hope in future?
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Extended forecast

I was looking at the Cottownwood Canyons forecast this morning and it appears as though there is a chance for significant snowfall Thanksgiving day & extending into the weekend after...you might get lucky and catch a break. Here's to hoping you do!

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Again, once burned by coming that early, back for more the next year?
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