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Marker Duke Brakes

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I am ordering a pair of Line Sir Francis Bacons and some Marker Dukes. The Dukes come with a brake width of 110mm yet the SFBs have a width of 115.

Do I need to purchase the 132mm brakes (seems a bit excessive) and swap them out or can I maybe adapt (read: 'bend') the 110mm brakes to accomodate the slightly fatter skis?

Thanks for the help.
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I just measured my 110mm Dukes, and at the point where they come down next to the edge they look like they are almost 115mm. Prob would'nt have to tweak 'em much at all
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i have my dukes on a megawatt (125) w/ the 110 brake. only a little dremel action was needed to the plastic.
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