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I'm currently looking at buying myself a pair of touring boots. I'm currently skiing Stoeckli DP Pro's in 174 mounted with some Diamir Freerides. I've also got a pair of mantra's and a pair of Allstars for the pistes. I'm currently using Falcons on these skis, but these become a bit heavy when the tours become longer and are not so grippy on the rocks. Since I'm currently living in Holland, this quiver is fine for me at the moment. However in 1-2 years I hope to move to a place (a lot) closer to the Alps. My ideal quiver for that moment would be something like
-Allstar and Falcons for piste days
-DP Pro/Legend Pro/Mantra/Black Crows Corvus a size longer since I can ski a lot more, and resting can be done at the office. Falcon with the diamirs to have some flexibility in the approaches. If a bit longer or some rock scrambling is involved->touring boot.
-DP Pro 174 for steep skiing/touring with dynafits
My main objective is always the descent. However, I'd like some comfort when climbing since this is completely missing when using the falcons.

I'm looking at the scarpa Spirit 3 or 4. At the moment I'm mainly focussing on the 4 but would the 3 be a good choice? Possibly with some modifications such as a stiffer tongue? Will it be stiff enough to handle some bigger skis? I think the BD's are too much focused on skiing instead of touring and are too close to my Falcons. What about the new Scarpa Skookum or Dynafit Zzeus?

thanks for the help,