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Serius Gloves

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I got a pair of the Serius Xtreme gloves the other day. They seemed awfully tight so I sent them back and got a size large. Now the fingers are too large but the gloves are still really tight. Too tight to be warm and I have quite a small hand. It's great that they're waterproof, but they'll be freezing on a cold day. Too bad, I think it's a good product that is simply manufactured poorly.

Anyone else have this experience?
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Gloves are just not a mail-orderable item unless you're familiar with the specific model. They all fit different.

My bride recently got a Costco membership. My first trip in there, I wandered over to the Head ski glove boxes which have been praised my several bears. I scrounged to find an XL, but it fit tighter than most L's. Tossed 'em back and walked away disappointed.

Best to keep watching for sales in brick/mortar stores and try 'em on until you find a good match of fit and budget.

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Serius stuff I've always had good luck with them though I've kind of notice what you did. But all gloves fit differently.

I always hit up TJ MAXX in mid Oct. when they get all the winter stuff in. They have a great selection of very good quality gloves and mittens from most of the top companies. Never seen a glove there for more then $50. Most are $10 to $35 and these are gloves that sell down at your local ski shop/outdoor shop for $60 to $120. Just last night I picked up my son another pair of Kombi Heavyweight gloves for $10. Are local stores don't have a pair of Kombi gloves for less then $30 and these ones are the more in that $60 range for kids.
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Ever heard: "If the Glove Fits..."?
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How about, "If it doesn't fit..."?

Oh, that was something else maybe.
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