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SuedTirol Gardenissima

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This is the link to the video fo the 2008 edition.

A 6 km long parallel Geant Slalom / Super G (first half or so it's a parallel GS, second half it looses the parallelism and becomes a SG...)
apparently open to all....
The video voice over is in Italian, as it is Peter Fill's. Sorry.
Enjoy the video
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That looks like a fun event. The ski world needs more like this.
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I was thinking of participating in a similar contest nearer to my location
(Passo Tonale), but then decided otherwise due to my lack of training...
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We do one at my area at the end of the season. The first leg is an interval start DH from the top of the mountain. Then another combination type run that starts with stubbie SL, into some rollers to GS, over a jump, & Super-G to the finish. The third leg is a criterium bike race.

It's a lot of fun.
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