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Backcountry in Canaan Valley WV

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I had an epic ride yesterday in the backcountry - with my global ski pass.

The powder is as fluffy as it gets, the winds were somewhat light... but the fun... wow, the fun!

Check out couple of the photos on www.visitcanaan.com
(snowkiting on telemark gear)
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Well hey there Ludovic, Did you do the XC trails at Whitegrass? The trails in front of the Canaan Conference Resort? Or did you venture over the back into Dolly Sods? Do tell...20+ inches of the fluff?
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First post, first tracks. Nice going Lud! BTW, what are they drinking out of that mason jar?
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There is snow everywhere... so the snowkite can take me from one field to another. The photos on the site were from the North-End of Canaan Valley (heading towards Davis)...

I just couldn't believe that the wind died after just 2 hours... however, I still managed to put in 12 miles of riding on powder.

LOL... Eau-de-vie... that's what they are drinking. I believe that in english it's something moon LOL
Those guys are really funny, and worked their b...ts off on that day.

The day ended with a quick visit to Whitegrass... but sadly the wind wasn't present.

This is going to be an Epic season though.
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Ha Vic? Randonee is French for ??????
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Originally Posted by jimmy View Post
Randonee is French for ??????
cougar joints
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post
cougar joints
Yeah, I heard if you smoked one of those....it leaves you with a hairy, scratchy feeling.
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Randonné is French for: I can't tele.
With this in mind, I am a tele instructor at Timberline LOL.
Want to have some fun? I can actually tell you the difference between tele and AT (randonnée) gear.

After spending 8+ months in Montana, I can tell you that tele gear can in fact work superbly in 4+ feet of powder - on near vertical walls.
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