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boots - whether to fix my boots or buy new ones

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Hi all

I'm an Aussie heading to Banff for a couple of months skiing and have a query about my boots. In 2005, I bought a pair of Salomon Performa 6's (these --> http://www.skischoolswing.nl/skistor...performa60.jpg), which were my first ever boots.

In terms of performance, I have been very very happy with them. They are very responsive and I feel my movements transmit well to the ski.

However, in terms of comfort there are 2 issues:

1. When I wear them I get very cold toes. When I'm skiing in Australia it is a minor inconvenience (temps usually 0-5 degrees), but when I have skid in Japan (temps -5 to -10) it means I can't ski for more than about 1 hour straight without going indoors to warm my feet up. In Banff it could be suicidal

2. After a whole day of skiing my shin hurts quite a bit, and it means I'm less willing/able to be pressing on the front of the boot when I'm skiing and can make me ski a bit backseat. To be fair, this is something I've experienced with every boot I've tried (rentals and these ones) so I'm not sure if that's just part of the deal, or whether it is something that can be cured.

Anyway, my question is whether I should take my boots with me, see a bootfitter and try to sort it. Or whether I should just get a new pair fitted in Banff. Are these problems that can be solved relatively easily and cheaply?

I'm on a budget, and our currency is getting smashed more and more every day, but I'm just thinking that if I can get a new pair fitted well then I might as well do that.

As a sidenote, is it likely that I would be able to get a new pair fitted in Banff on the right side of C$500?

thanks in advance!

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1) READ FIRST: Ski Gear Advice Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

2) Go to "Ask the Boot Guys" forum.
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Check the referrals in the boot forum. There is an Epic Boot specialist right in Banff.

You didn't mention your skiing ability. Have you progressed to the point where you would like to ski in a more advanced boot? Was the boot fit professionally?

Also I guess you must be talking about degrees in Celsius. For the Western US & Canada, those temps are pretty warm. You may be able to get heaters, a new liner or another solution.

About you shins, I'll defer to the bootfitter who gets to see you in person...
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It doesn't matter.

If you are posting here about a 'potential new boot purchase'... you should just prepare to buy.

You won't walk away from this conversation without consultation and new boots.
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check the shell fit of the boot. Odds are it is 1-2 sizes too big for you. (first boot, cold toes, shin pain etc)

boots for $500 is doable, maybe a bit low, but really depends on SO much more then just your size/ability. Also foot shape, ankle flex, foot alignment etc

I'm in banff, maybe bring the boots to start with, but odds are you will bring new ones home


read the FAQ on the bootfitters page too
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go in prepared to buy new boots - that way you'll either be quite happy about your new boots, or thrilled that you didn't have to spend the money on new ones!
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