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NOT by accident

NOT by side slip

SKIED my first black diamond!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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You go girl!!!!! Whoo Hoo!
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So I gather that Lisamarie posted this thread, that a bunch of women in a women"s only clinic skied a black diamond? And it was at Okemo? go girl (little rotary hand motion)

As the girls in the pink poddle skirts said in Grease, "Tell me more, tell me more..."

As good as sex?
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woooo hoooo..!!!

you go girl! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Okay, well, so here's the story. We break up into groups at Okemo. I'm riding up the lift with some women in my group, and one of them says, "I love this lift! My husband proposed to me on it back in 1985!"

Wait a minute, I say! You've been skiing since 85??? Turned out the others were also skiing that long.

So here I am, only a 3rd season skier who started in her 40s, and has major confidence issues. I say, "I don't belong in your group!"

So sure enough, on the 1st run, they all ski down ahead of me. The instructor did one of the best ego rescues I have ever seen. She put me in a group at the same level, but one that skied at a slower pace. {Okemo allows a max of 5 in a group, so its possible to have more than 1 level 5 class}

But prior to switching me over, she told the other students to watch the way I did some of my turns, sort of a slow motion annimation of good technique!

When I meet up with my new group, I notice that a few of the women were one level ahead of me in last years spree, so that means I'm 2 levels ahead of where iwas last year. And they had been skiing for about 10 years. I showed a bit of apprehension, but the instructor said that since in most cases, I am matching my skis, a lower level would not be appropriate.

I promise I'm going somewhere with this. When the instructor asked us what our goals were, I said that I wanted to ski slightly more challenging terrain with confidence, and without going in to defensive technique. I also said that I wanted to stop letting things psyche me out, such as how much longer my classmates have been skiing.

It turns out, the others had the same goal. So when we got to The Plunge, even though it was a black diamond, it did not look too terrifying. One note, though I've always said I've had no desire to EVER ski a black, so this was an accomplishment in itself.

My instructor this year was very different than the one I had last year, who was very "nurturing". Sharon is not. She's a strategist. She does not even talk about fear. Her approach is, "Okay, here is the line to take, this is what you need to do with your feet, this is what to do with your poles, staying to this side of the trail is easier than the middle. She would only use the side slip for turn iniation, but she did not say, "If you get scared, just do a side slip".

We repeated the trail 3 times, and the only way I can describe how I felt was emotionally exhilerated. But right before lunch, we skied down an easier blue trail that lead to the main lodge. Twenty bus trips had come to the mountain, and many of the skiers, all going down the same trial at the same time were completely out of control. I found myself reverting back to defensive skiing.

After lunch we went back to the Plunge, and she said that we should try it again now that it was a little bit more moguled, so that we could work on bump technique. But for me, having never learned to ski bumps, learning them on the first day I ever really skied a black diamond was a bit much. This may have been the only time that our instructor pushed the envelope a bit too much. One woman decided to take the afternoon off, 2 of us, {myself included} took an easier route, one woman fell and got a slight groin pull.

But something interesting happened the next day. When we skied the Plunge again, all of us VOLUNTARILY skied to the middle, steeper part of the trail!

There's alot more to tell about the workshop, but it needs to be put in a few separate threads!
Thanks for the moral support!

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Hear Hear, Lisamarie! Congratulations! I love these tales of success and personal triumph!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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That's really great. I'm happy for you. Really happy that your instructor talked about the feet. Sounds like you got a good one.

Sometimes I think skiing is 90% confidence.

Well. I look forward to making some turns with you. Sounds like by the time Fernie comes around, we'll be following you.

So are you starting to think that you'd like to ski the whole mountain now?
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Soon you'll be singing-Black Diamonds are a girls best friend!!!

Way to GO!!!
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hang out in the singles line and will makes some turns.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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That's great LM! I guess the boots are dialed in?
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Congrats, Lisamarie, your enthusiasm is fetching [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Yea Lisa Marie. I know that it took a lot of courage for you to attempt a back diamond. Way to conquer it! Hope that someday our paths will cross. Would love to ski with you.

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Congratulations Lisamarie, this is a real breakthrough. Enjy it, savor it. More will come in the future, I am sure.
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Looks like a nice little bump run...
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Congratulations on passing a new threshold in your skiing life!

Double black next?

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SCSA, its a bump run later in the day, when it gets more traffic. But as I said, I bailed on doing it when it was bumped up. Also, keep in mind this is a black at a very mellow mountain. Probably would be a green at Fernie!
Speaking of Fernie, unless I pick up some speed in the next month, I'll probably be meeting up with you folks just for meals.
It can get a bit cold waiting for me to catch up to you.
BTW, I read somewhere that you are opening up your stance. Well guess what, I saw myself on the video they took and MAMA MIA, THAT"S WAY TO WIDE!!!
It was a very crowded day, and I fell into New Yorker late for work get out of my space stance.
So I'm closing mine a bit. Still don't like that boot buckle to boot buckle stuff, but I'll meet ya' halfway on this!
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Great, great, great... Keep it up.

Make sure you keep with it now. Next time out, make sure you get in several runs on the easiest black diamond. After a bit, try a harder line on the trail or a tougher black diamond trail. You may get to really like it.

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Yes, I've opened up a little -- still narrow though. Maybe an inch or two between my boots.
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SCSA is tis what you mean by tight.
My hero.
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That is ace LM!
Listen to what you say " 3rd season skier who started in her 40s".... and just skied a black! - there's no reason why you should have 'major confidence issues' now! There's no reason why you should set yourself limits to your ability or goals either.
Sometimes being a technically minded 'thinker' can be a drawback because it makes you think too much and worry too much.... When really all you need to do is just GO FOR IT!
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Stein knew how to look beautiful
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Stein is my hero. The guy is simply incredible. You and I are going to make lots of turns at Fernie.
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LM, congratulations. Isn't that a satisfying thing?

Slider, SCSA -- last season, my coach told me that when I was skiing a fluffy black diamond run, my medium radius turns were so round that I looked like Stein Erickson.

Go figure.
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"They" plunked a SteinStatue down front @ DV. Nice enough work - think Rodin - but it seems to have been misplaced, situated where it doesn't catch much light.
But even in the shadows, the phantom foot move is unmistakable.

Good job, LM. So much of skiing is mental;those personal breakthroughs are big steps up on the progression ladder. Some day you'll be
railing blue ice with short sweet arcs, pushing downhill all the way.

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Thanks everyone! Next step is to get the darn speed up! Funny, at this clinic last year I was the fastest one in my group, but we were on some really easy blue trails. This year I was the slowest. I'm really glad I did not let my ego get in the way and ask to be put back another level, just so I could be ahead of everyone.
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Nice Lisa...thats so cool to hear you so excited about it. Keep stepping it up, before you know it youll be ripping them all day!!
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