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Are heli-coils reusable? That is, will they allow the binding to be removed and replaced enabling a ski to be set up for multiple bindings or multiple skis to be set up for one binding? thought I read that somewhere but can't find it if it was here........
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Heli coils are basically stiff metal springs and match screw threads.

I'd think that brass tap-in inserts would last longer if swapping bindings is a frequent occurrence.

From SVST:

For quick and easy repair of stripped binding screws, SVST's tap-in inserts are the answer. Use the Tap-In Insert Bit to open the stripped hole, then tap the insert in with the soft blow hammer so as to not mushroom the insert. This process is time and cost effective.

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Helicoils are intended for the repair of stripped threads. They are also used in some plastic plates to facilitate removal/reinstallation and multiple binding locations. This is only feasable in locations that drain and do not absorb water. If you drilled multiple sets of holes in a ski and installed Helicoils you would need to plug and seal the unused holes to prevent water from entering the ski core, freezing and delaminating the ski. They are not removeable or reuseable.
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