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Did you try woman's knee high stockings? might be the best of both words for you.



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Still use my Burton snowboarding socks-they're the only Burton thing I still have. I like 'em cuz' they're very thin on the top of the foot so the sock doesn't bunch there and cause issues...

I tried Thorlo-too thick. I tried liner socks with the Thorlos-big mistake-caused a bunch of heel lift. This was when I still was a softbootin' snowboarder. I got the Burton socks-they worked great with my alpine snowboarding boots-and I just kept wearing them.

The oil in your skin is very hard on synthetic fabric. Backpackers know not to sleep in their bags naked and skiers should avoid not using socks in their boots. As for guys wearing nylons, I hope you are not pulling a "european" and not shaving your legs before you wear them!


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I'd second the Burton socks, that's what I wear, when I need to wear socks.


The "forward lean" is not just a gimmick, but seems to make sense, and they are thin where they need to be, and padded where necessary.





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I like lorpens ski socks, bridgedale socks are good too.

I can not imagine skiing without socks.......the risk of blisters, plus the loss of sweat wicking ability.....and the smell.

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