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Blowout deal on various skis - Decisions, decisions!

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After a long hiatus from this site I am back in need of some more help. I stumbled upon a ski shop that is getting out of the selling business and is focusing on just renting and the manager is clearing out his skis at incredible prices! I felt like a kid in a candy store already hopped up on sugar, waiting to get my next fix. I am definitely going to pick up some skis(no problem there) but am curious as to which i should get.

First a bit about me: I recently moved out to Colorado(9 months ago) and find that there is not one ski that can accomplish all that I want for the varying, blissful, choice of conditions out here. Piste, offpiste, powder, crud, I want it all. I already have a mid-range ski for crud, bumps, some groomed, etc.

I miss the feeling of extreme carving and ripping the groomed conditions with a more narrow waisted ski. I have also come to realize that to ski at the speed that I want I have to for a longer ski than I currently own. I am 5'8", 145 lbs and am working my way from advanced to expert level.


Fischer AMC 76 - 164 or 170cm
Fischer RX8 -165 or 170cm
Fischer RX9 - 165 or 170cm
Fischer Cool Heat - 165 or 170cm
Blizzard CMX Pro - 166 or 173cm
K2 Apache Crossfire - 167 or 174cm

I have heard good things about all of these skis, hence my dilemna. I can get anyone of these with bindings for less than 550 with bindings. They are all last years models. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
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Let me be more specific because I never did really pose a question.
I know a little bit about these skis but not enough to make a good educated decision. The guy in the shop was pointing me towards the Blizzard CMX Pro 173cm skis which I have heard some great things about. I have been curious about Fischers for a while and am thinking I should pull the trigger. Anyone with experience with these skis that can shed some light?
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Really? No one? Let me pose a scenario:

You are on top of _(input your choice)___ Mountain, its an amazing blue bird day, 30 degrees with packed powder conditions. It is 10 am and you are staring down the middle of an endless expanse of perfectly groomed snow. You want a ski that is nimble, quick edge to edge, and is a reliable companion whether you want to cruise and take in the sights or blaze down the trail Hermann Maier fast. Lets not forget that you want a permanent grin on your face at the end of the run and that feeling of holy *%** that was fun! Any thoughts now?
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Gave my input in your other thread about the RX-8, but didn't see this one till now.

Of that list and for where you live I'd go Cool Heat. This ski will be far more versatile for you in CO than the RX-8 or 9. You could go either way with the length at your size.

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I thought about that, but am trying to steer clear of similar waisted skis than the one I already own being the Head Monster 77. Hence why I was thinking the RX 8 or the Blizzard CMX Pro. After seeing the reviews, I am almost certain that I will get the RX8. Just not sure what size. 165 vs 170...decisions. I suppose that demoing would be the best choice but I don't have that luxury.
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After researching many of the RX 8 threads in this forum, I have to believe that the 165 length would be plenty ski for me and the most fun. I have to be honest with myself and say that I am happiest making quick, short to medium radius turns. I will leave GS type turns to the Hermann Maier's of the ski world. At my weight and height, I don't see myself hitting the speed limit of this ski anytime soon, if ever.

Does this seem to agree with all of you RX8 skiers out there?

Also, MikeC, how tall are you and how much do you weigh? It seems from your quiver that you are either more experienced or a larger skier than I.
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I am 6' and 190. Probably around the same experience level as you. Level 7 or 8.

I still think you would be fine on the 170 RX-8.

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True, but there is something to be said for the 40lbs that you have over me that might change the characteristics of the ski that would make an RX 8 @ 165 for me feel like a 170 would feel like for you. In the end, I know that 5cm is not much and won't make a huge difference in how the ski skis(for lack of a better term).

I guess in the end I am trying to convince myself that I will be making the right choice without demoing any Fischer. I am going purely on feedback from all of you and what "skills" I have accumulated over the years.

Thank you for the input! I am closer to a decision.
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I completely understand your dilemma as I did the same thing when I bought the RX-8 without demoing. I was told either 170 or 175 and ended up getting the 170. I'm happy with the 170, but I think the 175 would be even more versatile and better at speed. Bottom line is that the ski is a very user friendly ride and I don't think you would have a harder time with the 170 than the 165 at your skill level.

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RX8 for short turns, RX9 for long turns. As you say you are happier with the short turns, it's RX8.

165 would probably be the better length for you, but if you are skiing wide open spaces, 170 cm might make a better compromise (more like an RX9 in a way).
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