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Hey guys new member here looks like a good forum!
I learned to ski about five years ago and I think I've progressed well, however I have started to ski regularly enough to buy my own skis, but I don't ski enough to warrant spending $700+ on brand new skis.
My skill level is intermediate, but I love to go fast and I'm very aggressive. I ski on the East Coast, mainly Canaan Valley, Wintergreen, Holiday Valley, PknPk, etc so mainly groomed and ice haha.
Soo, right now I'm looking at a few pairs I've found I can get used online.

I have heard lots of good things about Rossis; I used Cut Stage 2 rentals for the past few years and liked them. I have heard K2s are good, but Volkl and Dynastar I had never heard of.
Been doing some research and these are some possible choices I came up with, (anything I buy will be used BTW)
-Rossignol Cut 10.5s
-Dynastar Intuitivs 68s/69s
-K2 Escapes 3500/4500 or T9 Reflex
-Saloman Verse 500s
-Volkl V1 20-20 or Vertigo G1s

Any manufacturer or model better than the other or anything I'm missing?

Thanks guys sorry for the long post!!