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Line Prophet 90 vs K2 PE?

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I'm about a level 7 male 5'5 130lbs skier in Tahoe, all inbounds and on piste so far but want to start venturing into powder. I'm currently on Metron 9s and they've been good, but am now looking for a versatile ski that will be good on the groomed but I can also use to start venturing off piste with (hopefully a lot). I've posted on this before but now that I've narrowed it down some I was hoping to get some more input

So far it looks like the PE and the Prophet 90 both fit the bill. What do you all recommend? What are the relative advantages and disadvantages to each? Should I opt for the prophet 100? I've also considered the PMGear Bros 164 soft but decided they were out of my price range. Also binding input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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Try a search. Many many many many many...posts.
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paging ut_hucker...

I know he's skied both and ended up sticking with the PE. Maybe he'll give you more details.
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That would be great! Also did a search and have learned more, although a direct comparison would still be appreciated.

Does anyone have recommendations on lengths for me in both skis? Deciding between the 164 and 169 for the PE and between the 165 and 172 for the Prophet, definitely leaning towards 165 for the Prophet though, 172 just seems like too much ski for me
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The running length (edge contact area) of a twin tip makes them ski much shorter. The running length of a 179 PE is something like 162cm.

The PE is easy to ski for an 'All mountain Twin"

A little birdie tole me that he liked the Prophet 90 as well.
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Anyone else on PE or Prophet sizing for a 5'5 130lbs level 7 skier? Hopefully 60/40 on/off-piste. Thanks!
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I highly doubt that a 172 will be too much ski for you. I'd go with bigger length than you think, since
a) twin tips ski shorter
b) you'll be glad you did as you improve
The 172 is still pretty small by most standards, but should be fine for you. As far as each ski is concerned, I've never skied the 90, but I have the Prophet 100 and love it. But I've heard good things about the PE as well. I would say if you're going to spend any time in the park, go with the PE, but if you really have no plans to be in the park stick with the Prophet.
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I ski a 179cm Prophet 90. I'm 5'9" and 150 lbs. Great ski. Holds on hard pack and busts through crud pretty well. Good in powder, but you don't get the float of a fatter ski (still a hell of a lot better than the "mid fats" of several years ago!). It's a great all mountain ski and I highly recommend.
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At your height and weight you would be fine with the 172. For Tahoe I would recommend the Prophet 90 over the Extreme(PE for 2009) because of the extra waist width and over all performance. They are both wood core skis but with the addition of metal in the Prophet 90 it not only busts through crud better but it has better edge grip and dampening making it a great all mountain twin.

A second ski that you may want to check out that is very comparable to the Prophet 90 is the Dynastar Big Trouble. The BT is a stiffer ski then the Prophet 90 so it busts through crud better IMO. The one down fall with the BT is that because it only comes in a 166 and a 176......
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Thanks guys! A lot of really useful input here - appreciate it
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