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need back to the slopes equipment

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I hope you guys can lend me some advise....I am a empty nest mom looking to get back to the slopes. All my equipment is 25 years old or long gone, so I am looking for resonable new or used equipment. I am an intermediate northeast (NY, VT, MA)skier, 46 years old. Any suggestions?
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Welcome to Epic, mom! Hopefully you can find some help here.

I found some great deals on eBay and Craigslist when I was outfitting my GF. I would start there, and also look in the Gear Swap forum here on this site. Might take longer, but it's well worth the savings in the end.

There might be a better answer out there if you can provide some specifics. What equipment exactly do you need? Clothing or hardware, or everything? Some idea as to your preferences for how you like to ski would help, too (intermediate can mean a lot of things, as you'll see from all the forums here). And, although I would never ask this of my own mom (a fellow empty nester), posting your height and weight can help the equipment pros give you some specific models and sizes.

Best of luck!
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I am basically looking for hardware skis, boots, & bindings. But I have no idea where to start, brands models even types. My skiing ability is hard to gauge at the current time. In the last 10 years I only got out a couple times a season, but I am hoping to go once a week this season in an evening program. I am not an aggressive skier (tho I am often out of control) and don’t particularly like moguls. I did race way..way…back, but I was never very good at it. I am 5’6, and 150 lbs.

Thanks in advance for any help you could provide!
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The very first step that I'll suggest is finding a bootfitter who will help you find the proper boot and fit them for you! The Pro - Ski and Ride seems to be a shop that is recommended by many on Epic for boots, though since I live on the other side of the continent, I have no personal experience. I hope he's close by; I'm sure other members will chime in with more suggestions on where to go.

As for skis, there are many women's specific models out there in the market today, so you have a very varied selection. I'll let some of the women riders take care of this one, but I think you should be looking at a softer, easier ski to get back skiing on - something a bit wider at the waist might be a good idea, too - around 80mm, perhaps?

Bindings... a lot of skis come with "systems" where they're matched to a specific pair of bindings nowadays, so you're pretty much stuck with that one. This will depend on the specific ski.

Again, welcome to Epic and have fun getting back on the hill!
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Hey Mom,

Welcome back to skiing. Its definitely a little intimidating when you first return and see how the gear has evolved. You've gotten some great advice so far. I'd reiterate the need to make the boots the centerpiece of your gear. Take the time to get that right. Virtually everything else you purchase does not have the same impact as the boots. Skis come and go and there are plenty of good models on the market. Figure out the boot thing first...the rest will be simple.

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most hills have abeginer package. rentals, lessons, etc

do that and just make sure that you still love skiing.

if you do then boots and rent skis for a bit to see how you improve. Then after a few times buy some.
If boots fit you they will work for many many ski days, but you will out perform a beginner ski quickly.

buy a helmet (VERY warm and protection) warm gloves/mitts, and enjoy
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