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*HELP!* I have a dilemma...

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For the past two weeks I have been searching all over the internet to try and find a definite answer to my question. I am finally coming to the realization that there is not one, singular answer to my dilemma. The more I read, the more confused and indecisive I become.

I figured I would try one more time to see if anyone might be able to clarify my situation based on the following information.

Please be patient with me. This type of question has been asked here many times before, but I figured I would make it specific to me in order to possibly see if I can't make a final decision.

6'0'' 175 lbs
Very strong skier, probably 8.5-9 out of 10
Ski is going to be used in two situations in Colorado:
a) backcountry touring (will be mounted with Marker Duke)
b) resort days of 6" plus (mostly in bowls and fairly tight glades)

I have narrowd my search down to the following skis:
Line Sir Francis Bacon 182
Scott P4 181/191
K2 obSETHed 189

For some reason, I am leaning towards the Line SFB. My only concern with this ski is it is too soft. However, since I will be skiing trees and some tighter stuff, as well as dropping some decent cliffs and kickers, I am thinking it is the right ski. I do throw some speed towards my skis but I'm rarely ever straightlining the pow. I do still need some stability at speed in case I need to get out of a sketchy situation fast. Also, don't want to go too long in my ski because of the tree skiing I do. Will the SFBs be able to handle the crud at the end of the resort pow and the variable backcountry snow?

As you can see, I am in complete turmoil here. Please, someone HELP!!
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I think you should look at the PMGear Lhasa Pow 186 cm. Carbon fiber, lightweight, rocker, stiffness. Its got everything your are looking for. 140-112-122. This should be good on anything except icy boilerplates. Rocker should help with float on skinning in soft snow, and also tighter and smeared turns, while the profile keeps the edges engaged when you need it. Its not the widest of the skis you suggested, but its right in the ballpark.
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Good job Cirque... add a 4th choice to worry about!!

I'd say if you think you like the SFB, go with the SFB. Pollard is a pretty good bc skier, he's probably as strong and aggressive as you... it works for him.

As far as needing burlier skis, if you needed 'em you'd know it already, get the SFB and be happy.
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I guess that's true. I've skied many days on K2 Fujatives and can carve them through some slop pretty easy.....
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ARE YOU KIDDING? We see through your little ruse. You really just made 2 accounts to ask the exact same question twice in two days. Whats wrong with you? You're really freaking out, you know.

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Man, you caught me. Embarassing. Please feel free to delete this thread.

Sorry for wasting your time.
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sorry to blow up your spot. in any case, you'll be happy on any of those ski suggestions. really. i promise. you will. i'd personally get the obsethed. but you're not going to find the magic answer.
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Its all good. I deserved it. Just a lot of dough to be putting down...want to make sure I get it right. Wish I could demo all these sticks but the time constraints along with them not being accessible makes it hard.
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