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We'll be in Bozeman over Prez week, plan on 1-2 days at Big Sky, 1 day at Bridger, 1 day visiting MSU. Would also like to spend a few days in Yellowstone. Online resources for winter visits to Yellowstone are a bit of a jumble - anybody have a specific recommendations about lodgings, guides, etc? We'd love to see wildlife, but lukewarm about spending day riding around in/on a vehicle.

Also restos not to miss in Boze would be cool (low-med pricewise).
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The only road that is open in YNP in the winter is from Gardner to Cooke City -- not the right part of the park for you. There are only two hotels open: the Snow Lodge at Old Faithful, and Mamoth Hot Springs Hotel, at Mamoth. From Big Sky, you'd be closest to West Yellowstone, so you could take a snow coach or (possibly) a snowmobile to the Snow Lodge. If a snowmobile option is available, it must be part of a guided trip, as unguided snowmobile use in the park is not allowed. A snowmobile trip is up in the air at the moment because the winter use plan is being contested in court, and there are conflicting court decisions on whether and how many snowmobiles will be allowed in the park this winter.

You should check out the Xanterra website for information on snow coaches and lodging:

I've spent a couple of days in winter in Yellowstone, and it is an incredible experience. Just be aware that it takes a lot of time to get into and out of the park -- so don't shortchange your stay. Also, you wont have much mobility once there, as you either must travel with a guided snowmobile trip or on a snow coach. But the snowshoeing and xc skiing is fantastic, and yellowstone in winter is a very rare experience (and likely to become much rarer).

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I thought you can get into Yellowstone from Gardiner MT, which is a straight shot from Bozeman.
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If you stay in the park make sure to bring XC skis. It's an amazing place and skis make for the best way to see it.
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West Yellowstone (straight south of Bozeman just past the Big Sky ski area) is one of several places that bills itself as the "snowmobile capital of the world." It is also in constant competition with Intenational Falls, MN and Gunnison, CO as the "coldest place in the continental US." So be prepared.

The snowmobiles have to stay on the roads, so if you ski in you can have most of the park to yourself. You may get to see buffalo cruising the deep snow and hanging out in the hot springs. It is way more amazing in the winter than the summer.
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Well, Gardiner is due south of Livingston, which is about 30 miles east of Bozeman. It's about 120 miles from Big Sky to Gardiner, which given the opportunity, is not that far, I guess.

The point still is that the only thing you'll be able to do with a car is to drive from Mammoth to to Cooke City along the north end of the park. You will be able to see the Lamar Valley from the road. But in order to really experience YNP in winter, you will need to get to Old Faithful via snow coach or, if the snowmobile option is available, by snow mobile.

As mudfoot indicates, skiing is amazing in the park. However, because of the lack of transportation, you are pretty much limited to skiing around the lodges or off of the road.

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Also restos not to miss in Boze would be cool (low-med pricewise).
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It's pretty easy to get from Bozeman to Mammoth Hot Springs. 45min drive to Gardiner, 5 mile snowcoach(?)/snowmobile ride to Mammoth. Definately worth it. Snow Lodge is a long way from Bozeman.
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Check here:

Might be to your liking, my Nephew is one of the owners.
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