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moderate fat skis for deep

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I'm currently on 174 Recon's and love 'em. Forgiving and sweet. Mostly I stay in Jack's Woods when skiing the local hill (Mt Hood Meadows), ski the chutes and trees. Slow and in control, both skis on the snow ... we do trips over to SLC and up into BC on a regular basis so the occaissional fluffy days but more often it's a maritime snowpack - Cascade Clam Power in other words...

So I want to expand the quiver. Not totally useless front side but with the Recon's sitting in the Thule box - it doesn't have to be a one ski quiver. I'm planning on mounting Marker Baron's.

a little wider for the float, a little light for the resort tour / side hill jaunt would be sweet, quick under foot, and FORGIVING - yeah that was shouting...

So far my shop discussions have been centered around

Nord Enforcer, Solly Gun, Gotama, Kung Fujas and a Black Diamond - generally size wise the shop guys are saying 177 to 183. I was thinking that if it were a flat tail, the extra width would provide the float and I'd stay in the 174 - 177 range.

Do any of the above jump out as a good choice ? How's about length ?

Thx! Mal
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My quiver is currently 174 Recons - everyday rock/crappy condition ski and 181 Scott P4 - the new hotness.

So, P4?
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You must be about 5'10"@180# Mal. I won't offer any suggestions since I'm a skinny skier,65mm. I do have a question, when is the season going to start?;-)
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This may be a bit wider then what you were looking at but what about the Solomon Czar???? Great ski for somebody that is looking for some extra width and something that is not super demanding......
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I'd suggest the Gotamas in 183. They fit your stated needs & are very versatile & forgiving. I love my pair of Goats & they serve pretty much the same needs as you're looking for. I ski mostly in the East, however, so the terrain is obviously different. Nevertheless, the Goats are a great choice.
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You really can't go wrong with the gotama, and the 183 sounds like it would fit nicely.
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Given your description of your style and likes, including AT mount, there's no point in going for a heavy ski. These are all on the light side for regular alpine skis, especially the Coomba which is a crossover AT really. Knowing nothing on your size, I'd say:

Gotama, 176
Guns, 174
Coombas, 174
PM Bros 174 soft

If you weigh over 180, then take the next size up for the Guns, Coombas and Goats could go either way, not the Bros. You emphasize wanting to ski slow and easy; longer won't aid slow and easy, so think about it.

If you want significantly lighter, and have the $, think about a DPS Wailer in 105. But a waste unless you plan to skin. From what I've heard the BD's are great skis but aimed more at open spaces, bigger lines. Could be wrong (if so will hear about it shortly)

If you plan to stay pretty close to the lifts, just do some light traversing, then the Scott P4's in 181 would be excellent. Apparently amazing skis, very easy going. But heavy.
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Goats...183, they ski short. Also, there was someone selling some Bluehouse Districts here recently. Light and forgiving, very similar to the goats.
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