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Parlod is all up ins

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Hello all. New to the forums. Looks like a great site.
I'm Parlod, and I've been snowboarding for a few years now in Western/South-western Idaho. I love it to death. I just barely got my own board, so I'm going crazy waiting for the snow to fall.
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Welcome Parlod!

My nephew snowboards as well as a few others in my circle of friends. I've never tried it, but love skiing more than most anything else I do.
How did you happen to stumble upon Epic?
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Looking up snowboard reviews, actually. I ended up coming across EpicSki.

I know a good forum when I see it.
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What kind of board do you have?
My nephew has a decent K2 free ride board but he's got dreams of a carving set up.

Since he's a poor college man, it will be a while until he gets the $$$ and time to invest in a carve set up.
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I've got a Ride Catalyst board. I'm in the same financial situation as your nephew, so this board seems decent enough for the money I paid for it. It'll get me down the mountain.
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Do you teach? Why did you post your intro in the instruction forum?
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