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Whistler lodging recommendations

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Hi all --

We're currently looking at going to Whistler Jan 28-Feb 3. I'm assuming the crowds will be down at this time and the weather will be snowy (I hope). It's been a few years since I've been there and need some recommendations. I've noticed that most of the 2br type condos are on Blackcomb (Greystone, Aspens, etc), many with ski in ski out access. The ones closer to the Gondolas are much more expensive and bigger than we need. There's some affordable ones in Bear/Deer/Eagle lodges in the middle of the village. How long is the walk to the gondolas from those locations and is it worth forgoing the ski-in/ski-out for one of these places for the same price with the ability to hop on either Gondola?

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If you can get on the gondolas, you don't need ski-in ski-out, and it'll be much easier to go out for dinner or run around in the village.

I assume you're staying in Whistler Village? Which websites are you using to book these condos, the actual Whistler central reservations or something like Allura Direct/Resortquest? Try those two out if you haven't, they're fairly good in pricing and selection.
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The village isn't that big so unless you're at the outer edges, the walk should be fine. Keep in mind you can easily catch a shuttle from areas just outside the village (like Village North) to ski, and it's a short walk to the village if you aren't in ski boots for dinner or drinking. I second the alluradirect.com recommendation.
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Yeah, I've been all over Allura and VRBO. Plenty of options both in the "Benchlands" area near the Wizard chair ski in ski out for around $300-350 CAD a night as well as places sorta in the middle of the village for about the same. The closest places to the gondolas in the village that are affordable (and condos) are Bear, Eagle and Deer lodge, which are across Village Gate Blvd in Town Plaza.
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From Bear, Deear, Eagle Lodges - it would be
a 8-10 minute walk to the gondolas. Very do-able.

we normally stay at the Delta - which is right opposite these lodges.
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If you're going to be eating out a lot (and you should since Whistler has a ton of great restaurants), I'd say ski in/out isn't necessary or even desired. I've stayed in the North Village a lot and it's a very do-able walk carrying ski gear (10 minutes?). You can wear normal shoes to the base and check them for pretty cheap there.

In addition to Allura, you might also look on: http:www.ResortAc.com ...

Enjoy Whistler!
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What is your price range? If money is no object, The Westin hands down. I know in fact they are running some good early booking deals with now. I would also take a look at Creekside if the village itself isn't that big a deal.
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We ended up booking a place at the Wildwood. Couldn't resist, it had been completely gutted and remodeled, looks gorgeous and only $295 CAD a night split between 4 people. Looks like it's a very doable 10 minute or so walk to the village or hop on a free shuttle at the door?
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