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No more Jeep

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This is a sad turn of events, but I can't say I'm shocked.
I'm bummed.
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Advertising reality has to set in sooner or later. Jeep probably did a hard look at the numbers and realized that the "X" demographic resulted in a strong product identification but little in the way of sales from the showroom floor.

Just a guess on my part of course but how many kids can afford a Jeep; a used Jeep perhaps but supporting the aftermarket "diamond plate" business just wasn't in the long term cards.

How many of us went out and bought Barilla pasta to support Bode?

OK, chalk me up for half a dozen boxes, but in the long run supermarket coupons for Ronzoni won out I guess.
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I wonder how this will effect the Adgate Cup at Boyne. I believe it was sponsored by Jeep.
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