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*Litos camps are booked months in advance. Harbs books are #1 in their category. I even heard that the PSIA is now linking to Harbs web site.
I think it's pretty clear. People are looking for a better product than what they can get at a ski school desk.*

What is you Point?
I am booked a year in advance by many of my returning or referral guests. So are many of my collegues. My guests call or email me when they have a ski, equipment, or vacation related question. I also direct them to books like 'The Art of Carving", "Anyone Can be an Expert Skier", and "Break through on skis". I would rather take a clinic like "The Magic of Skiing" than taking Lito's clinic.
It's not just about PSIA or PMTS, or perhaps you just don't get it.

Bottom Line: find an instructor that turns your crank. SCSA, sounds like you found one. Excellent! Now give him a call to ask about your next ski vacation and to help you set dinner reservations at a Four Star restaurant.

best regards to all,


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SCSA, i wonder if you have the habit of brutallizing people like this on the slopes, too?
Its a good thing you dont ski in Europe. If you do however, good luck , knock the nuckleheads off, cause there are lots of them here. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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[quote]Originally posted by patczky:
But I was watching the Instructors what are they teaching. To compare it to tha Austria Ski school... well... you fail. Where are the carving guys??? I know some of you are great but still a lot teaching the old french ski school technique. On the shaped skis???

Ok so don't just jump in and jump out be more specific with you observations and we may reach a better understanding of what you mean.

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Ahh, right now I'm just an old hippie with a bad attitude.
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well guys sometimes you are confuzing with this abreviations
sometimes i can figure what they may mean but please, understand that i mam not familiar with anglo-saxon ski terminology : :
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Ah! Danone ...... by the way .... we spell that DANNON here in the US .... and allow me to translate for SCSA!

He said that he has used lots of illegal drugs like marijuana and LSD, he wore funny clothes and that he does not play well in the sandbox with others!

PSIA ..... Professional Ski Instructors of America.

PMTS ...... Post Menstural ...... anyhow, it's a teaching system that is much like the religion of the Reverend Sun Ying Moon. The bottom line is that they ski with their feet locked together just like they do in Bormio Italy and worship the Reverend Dr. Harold Harb.

Like all religions of note, you need a martyr. Harold has declared war on the PSIA much like the Christ figure did with the money lenders in the temple and then, he dispatched his eldest (but not necessarily the wisest) son, St. Scsa to spread the gospel and convert the non-belivers.

He even claims that the PSIA was behind twisting the words of the Christmas song and that the real words are........... Hark all Harolds Angels sing! PMTS it's the King! ....

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I am away from this thread for only one week, ... now boys, remember to play well with each other!!

If you don't play well, we won't have any returning customers and we'll all have to take up knitting.

Several times in this thread constructive comments have been made. 1 - pick a good insturctor to learn from (don't do it alone) 2 - if you don't like what you are getting, go somewhere else. 3 - different theologies will teach different things, so explore. 4 - play well and have fun.
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The issue of Lito's clinics vs his ability to write has been amde.

I don't know much about his clinics, except they have them at Snowmass about a 20 minute bus ride from Aspen. I am not sure that is a legitimate editorial comment that has any relavance or not.

These annual clinics came after Lito's success with the first book and videos, "Break Through on Skis."

I think it is more useful to look at what he has written. In away, I think it bridges this gap..or controversy of PSIA vs. PMTS.

While Harald Harb right now might be #1 with his publications, Lito and Harald were having dinner and for a very good reason...I think it was about Lito's upcoming and now publsihed book "Breakthroguh on the New Skis."

He uses some of what Harald has been preaching and teaching. Lito calls it "phantom edging," HH calls it the "phantom foot move." I think it is the same thing.In fact HH endorses Lito's book!

While there MAY be some ligitimate criticisms of Lito's clinics, I think what he has written,and how it is written and illustrated, speaks for itself.
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yuki, for your and all members` information Danone must be read <<dano`ne>>with large E at the end, like in italian Capone, not Cappon :
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To get back to the original question...
I've had lessons in Bulgaria, Switzerland, France, Austria & England. They've often seem to say conflicting things. When I ask the current instructor why he/she has said something different to a previous one, the answer is usually 'they are old school, this is new' but reading this forum I don't think that's always true.

However... one thing I'm sure of, that when all the different instructors say the same thing, it's probably a good idea!
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I used to be very frustrated by the fact that different folks say different things. However, with the plethora of differing bodies, minds and equipment out there - it makes sense that there is an equal variety of opinions on what is "right". If you are taking lots of different lessons/clinics, you are likely an advanced/expert skier - in which case the best bet is to embrace the differences and see if you can adapt to each instructors methods. I used to hate the fact that different coaches would tell me different things, then I realized that if I'm really an adaptable and versatile skier . . . I should be able to do it all! If we look for the --One Right Answer-- will invariably be disappointed, because we will always find at the very least some subtle differences, and often gross differences. Try it all, be adaptable - and when you are on your own just do whatever works the best for you!

Shoot - this is my first day OFF from coaching skiing in 10 days, and here I am talking about skiing! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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The first time when i can get near to a slope this year will magically happen between feb 18-22 when i have a few days off.
I am praying for snow, in that period, cause i am really going to get some school going for 5 days then ,and it would be a mess if snow werent there for me.... :
My first 5 days n a row of skiing are coming, and i am determined to leave Predeal resort a LOT better at skiing than i am now :
So wish me luck....
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I hope you have great snow and a ton of fun!
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