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short radius turns

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Just how do you achieve those short radius turns.They appear to be the most fun and versitle of all turns.Are they easy or not?
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Linking short radius turns properly is an Advanced topic. What level of skier are you and have you taken lessons?
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This reads like a bogus post.
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I don't think it's a bogus topic. Sounds like a fair question. I personally am working on improving my short quick turns (my favorite stuff is fall line short turns, bumps, and trees), and would not mind some further 'instruction' on the subject.
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Bill is right, it's a bogus post. Look at the wording and grammar... seemingly written by a naive 10 year old.

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Good point GF...I hate it when that happens.

Perhaps we could make it legit. As I said, I do happen to be in a quest to master the short quick turn (for fall line, bump, or tree skiing). Currently, I am doing pretty well, except I need to get a little better on the speed control piece on fall line skiing and further increasing my quickness for turns on the bumps.

By the way Jonathan.. I checked out that link you posted. VERY nice.

Also, are there any good books out there that talk about what my needs are? (I have not bought Bob Barnes' book yet, but I am sure he has some discussion on this).
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