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Thank You SnoTrainer!

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If you have not been following SNOtrainer's blog...what the heck is wrong with you?
Just kidding! But seriously, while there some great information about ski conditioning on this forum, few people have been able to explain the "why" behind a theory of ski conditioning. SNOtrainer's blogs go way beyond the statement, "This exercise is great! I skied and my legs did not hurt!" Instead, he explains in great detail the subtleties involved in designing a movement specific program for skiers.

I have been following and commenting on his posts on my own page.

Check it out here: The Five Stations of a Skier's Body
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I appreciate the support and links Lisa

It is great to be able to share all the info pertaining to conditioning for winter sports for the purpose of helping everyone get the most out of their bodies while they are out on the slopes.

The BEST part of this is to be able to share this info in a non-threatening and non-competitive way

Thanks again!

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Exactly! Which is why I love my new job. I actually get paid to promote the best ski-related ideas on the web, and nobody has to pay to read them. How cool is that?

BTW, I just commented on your warm-up post. Excellent stuff!
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