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Got a little snow here last night. Just a dusting in Boone. Looks "snowy" but supposed to clear by noon. They are calling for 43 degrees today.
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I would really like to go skiing but have been trying to wate untill kids are back in school so the crowds are not there (others kids not mine)
I go past app all the time when in that area and have woundered about it. I worrie about the size of hill but mabe too much.
I don't need a big hill I already know that (use to teach at a hill about 300 vertical) to have fun. I am pretty sure I wouldnt want it as a main stay but maybe tonight would be a good night to try it for Lady Salina and I.
If you are there tonight (Friday) look for a lady in a white ski jacket and black ski pants . This would be Lady Salina. I wear a yellow and blue jacket3/4 length, Black bib pants (cause they fit me as I am heavier then I use to be LOL) I will either have my Fisher SL CR4 skiis or a pair of Solamon X-wings on that I am not too sure about yet (seem soooooo soft after so meny years on performance skiis). Lady Salina has Dynstar contact 10 skiis. If I haddent gained so much weight in the last couple of years we could wear our old matching outfits for an easy spot on the hill (haha look at the two old people dressed the same ...thats soooo cute.)
Anyway think we will go tonight for sure , look for us we don,t bite often.
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Boot, i'm pretty sure last I read your skis it said, RC 4 Slalom World Cup, but maybe you added a few of those Control Relays you like to play with during the day and they're obscuring the writing. Skiing anywhere is better than no where, to Appalachian tonight I guess. It's close and easiest to get to, so that's a bonus.
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Well, it looks like we're going to Sugar. The kids really enjoyed the ski school there last time and the just opened Big Red. I'll probably be on Tom Terrific and Upper Flying Mile in the morning and then head over to Big Red when it starts getting too icy or crowded.

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Well for my first time at Appalachian, although small, I have to give a big thumbs up to staff and the snow conditions. It was quite busy last night, but the crowd control on the lifts (nice to see someone directing traffic) and the patrollers out being visible but not pesty, made for a very enjoyable evening. The lack of high speed chairs keeps the hills reasonable (not too many on the hill to dodge), and the line ups moved fast. I'd deffinitely consider it again. The snow conditions were excellent. A wonderful family resort, what it lacked in vertical friendly staff and atmosphere made up for.
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yes Salina vertical staff are allways much better then horizontal ones!!
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Longtimewolf, I looked for your skis when we where at the hill but I actually did not see 1 pair of elan skis!!!I will keep looking though!!
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Old Boot...I hit Sugar today...LOTS of people. Had to ski sugar, buddy of mine drove up from Raleigh and demanded it...

Soooo I skied with some 28 year olds...tried to keep up and ended up with a bruised kidney...FUN...seems I can't land the jumps anymore...40 year old should know better.....

ON a brighter note...I demoed some Volkl Grizzly's ....awesome ski...wish I had the snow, mountain and conditions to really enjoy them...

Still looking for a new pair...Leaning Recons...but cant find them to demo....

Probably will ski app tomorrow night. (Kidney willing)
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Oh, you and Old Boot probably have a lot in common. On our last ski trip Old Boot couldn't resist the jumps in the Terrain Park on our last run on the way to the condo. He did major dammage to a knee and all it got him was his first ride in a toboggan and a trip to the local Invemere 50 bed hospital. It also meant a couple days not skiing on vacation (did he have to do it the first day?). You think he would know by 40+ that the hard icy ramp onthe landing would be less then forgiving at any age...... Ah well, he's better now, and he did manage to limp down the hill the last two days of our vacation.

BTW.... The recon was a ski i was seriously considering for me at the beginning of the year. This bias' me to say, I think it'd be an awesome ski for the NC conditions and hills, along with being somewhat all mountainish (a little anyhow), for vacations.
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Went to Snowshoe Friday night with a friend. Got up Saturday morning for a bluebird day! Conditions were pretty good considering they had 40-50 mph winds on Friday. It did cause some boiler plates to be exposed on Cupp run. Snowshoe's newer Camp 99 and Sawmill runs you can keep. I have run them several times from last year and I still think they suck. Biggest deal with is weekends at s/s. Just lots of people...It's great when you can be up there during the weekdays. But hey, I got to go and it turned out to be an awesome day. Sweet a$$ girl bartending at the Junction. Those $4.50 killians just don't seem to be that expensive.
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OK Longtime Wer are gunna try to hit Happy Appy wen night then Beach on thursday for ladies day, now my work might try to change my plan to play hookie on thursday but Im gunna see what I can do
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Originally Posted by lady_Salina View Post
Well for my first time at Appalachian, although small, I have to give a big thumbs up to staff and the snow conditions.
Glad you liked it. I always go there when conditions or crowds appear sketchy.
My next definite ski day (weather permitting) will most likely be MLK Day. Hopefully everyone will be 100% open by then. More warm weather early this week has me wondering though. I still haven't checked out Wintergreen VA yet. It is the same distance from my house as Blowing Rock. I've heard crowds/lines can be a problem at Wintergreen though. I'll check it if the area on the right side with all black runs is open. Otherwise, I'll stick with what we have here in NC.
Enjoy Beech Thursday.
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it was 65 here in boone today...
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Ouch, that's about what it was down here, we were out golfing for the afternoon. Looks like rain for the next few days up there with it finally cooling down on Thursday. We will likely check the conditions before we go. It doesn't look like it will fall below freezing up there until Thursday . Well, I'll cross my fingers for the snow holding up and hopefully get there Thursday.
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Looks like it's still raining up there
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Thinking of Sugar for the afternoon tomorrow. I was checking their web cam and it looks like they've still enough to keep the runs open and they're planning on snowmaking tonight and tomorrow while the temps stay low enough. if it looks like the temps will stay down and they get the snow making going for night, I think Old Boot and i will make it for tomorrow afternoon at Sugar (provided old boot's work doesn't interrupt the plan)
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I thought tomorrow was Ladies Day at Beech
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Oh, it is, but today they show only the lower green runs and park open, nothing else. Their web cam is conveniently not working to look either. Sugar has lost alot of snow, but it's still open to the top, so it's worth the extra. It looks like Old boot's work is going to cut in on the plans though, so if I ski at all it'll have to be Friday or Thursday night skiing at Sugar.

It is snowing at Sugar right now in the web cam (wet snow) and they have started making snow already. It looks pretty skiable! Maybe tomorrow night.
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I just wanna go freekin ski!!!
Friday?? friday?? can we go friday???? come on salina what ya say PLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSSEEEEE.
Lonewolf is it snowing??? cold even???
AWWW come on guys this isnt fair!!
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Okay, it's finally settled. The snow has returned to the Carolina Mountains and 43 and sunny tomorrow is nothing to snivel at, so YES! Old Boot and I will be having lunch in Banner Elk, and heading to Sugar Mountain for the afternoon. If any is heading up, just let us know, happy to meet anyone there.
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Snowed this morning...COLD here and WINDY. Neighbors went to App and said it was too windy. Should be a great day to ski tomorrow...wish i could....headed east to see family.
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just got back from Ski Sugar... woke up at 5:45am and drove up there from Atlanta. Got there around 10:45am, i stopped for breakfast and what not...

Overall the day was good, not too crowded, really wish they had opened up big red for the night but can't fault them for not. So icey spots on the mountain especially on Boulder Dash but that trail is a little too fun to care about the ice...

It was nice to get out there and get some turns in before my trip out west!

Hope everyone had fun.
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Hey J5
Put a little post on this thread if you are heading to NC skiing, we have a few folks here that ski Sugar ,beach and App. We havnt meet up yet but I am sure we will at least some of us.
Where and when you headed west?
Lady Salina and I are heading to Vail Feb14-21st.
we wount get much time in before then to ski in NC as I have to go to AL next week for work then off to Ontario for a week or two (we will hit Blue for some night skiing when in Ontario) Might get a day in between getting home from Ontario and heading to Vail also.Man do we ever sit still?
Anyway good turns till later
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Hey Old Boot,

I am heading to Breckenridge area first week of march, hopefully head out to Big Sky/Bridger Mt before then depending on flight costs... i have free stay at Big Sky just need to find a reasonable plane ticket.

I am hoping to get up to NC again pretty soon, I have only ever skied Sugar and Appalachian Ski Mtn; Is Ski Beech worth checking out? how about Chattaloochee shi area? Any others i should worry about looking into as the weather cools down and snow conditions improve?

It was a long week for me with work and grad school all week (read: 6am-11pm days) so it was nice to take a friday off... but the early wake up and late night driving almost killed me haha.

Let me know about the surrounding resorts so I can plan another trip.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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If Beech has snow it is really nice skiing. We usually go on ladies day so the wife goes free, cant beat the price .
The only other one we really bother with is Sugar, mind you we did go night skiing at App a week ago and truely had a fun night, Small hill but great atmosphere if ya like that family feel.
I'm surprised Coke hasnt built a big indor ski hill in Atlanta yet,you know someplace nice for thoses Coke Polar bears to live.
Dont work too hard
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Haha it's funny you mention that. A friend of mine and I were discussing how Atlanta has the most skiers per capita in the United States and yet there are no real ways to release this need without driving 4 hours. I'm surprised the idea of a indoor ski area like Ski Dubai or where ever else hasn't been discussed (perhaps it has?). I would like to see the income statement of one of these indoor places just to see if the idea is even profitable after such a huge construction cost and daily maintenance.

As for skiing... Look for me on the slopes of North Carolina Jan 30th. Either beech or sugar not looking forward to the drive, but man oh man do I love the sport.

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Let's Ski Jan 19th MLK Day!

Jan 19th, MLK Day's in play. Cold air blowing in Wednesday through the weekend should allow lots of snow to be made between now and then. Wintergreen, Sugar, or, Beech anybody? Let's shot for a Bears ski day at one of those places (or Appalachian if the cold air fizzles out).
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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post
Jan 19th, MLK Day's in play. Cold air blowing in Wednesday through the weekend should allow lots of snow to be made between now and then. Wintergreen, Sugar, or, Beech anybody? Let's shot for a Bears ski day at one of those places (or Appalachian if the cold air fizzles out).
Jan. 19th is good for me. I'm open for any of these places - they are all about the same distance drive, so whatever works for others or whichever has the best conditions.
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I'll probably be at Sugar or Beech this Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

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Old Boot and myself are heading up to Canada on the 19th, work stuff for him. So, we can't make it that day. I'm sure we'll make it one of these days to meet up with everyone though. I'm possibly going up for ladies day this week, but , on my own, as Old Boot is working this thursday.
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