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Therusty Birthday

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Happy birthday Rusty. Looks like snow in your part of the world sooner than later.
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Happy Birthday Rusty. Since you so generously provide tips and instruction to all here I'll share some party tips with you:

Oh wait, that was the beginners version, Add some beer and sports
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Hope you have a blowout birthday, Rusty, and all your wishes come true.
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Hope you can find that clip on tie in time for your dinner reservations

Happy Birthday!
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Happy birthday therusty. I wish you freeheel skiing this season. Comp me a lift ticket and I'll show you how.
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Happy Birthday Rusty . Thanks for all you share .Your thoughtful posts I always read. Enjoy.
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Many happy turns!
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Happy birthday, oh dean of the knuckle draggers!

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Youdaman Rusty.

A good date to be born, a very good date.
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As an apology for my previous knuckle dragger joke, I will now seek to make amends.

Seriously, a very happy birthday to you, may the joy of it be truly bountiful.

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^^^that just ruined breasts for me, at least for a day or two.

Happy (late) birthday Rusty!
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Thanks all!

I was, ahhh, busy. I did manage to get in some golf in the middle of a snowstorm. Ok - it was just flurries.

I must say that the last picture is just ... charming.

Things are a bit hectic on the day job right now ....
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