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Opinions on Volkl G40s?

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I've been perpetually renting/demoing for several years now ever since discovering I didn't go short enough when I took the shaped ski plunge 3 or 4 years ago and bought K2 Fours in 188s. Unfortunately, my skiing doesn't amount to much more than a week or two in Vermont, and a week out West (I live in the mid-Atlantic). I didn't make it out west last year but in Vermont, I demoed quite a lot of the Atomic Beta Ride series, which I liked over all of the other skis I was demoing. But, in Alta two years ago, I really loved the Volkl G40s (180).

This year, we're headed west this spring (probably going to give interior BC a try), as well as VT, and my wife's been looking at me funny lately about the money I spend always demoing skis (I actually tried to snap up those Volkl G40s in Alta but they wouldn't sell them to me at the time). I recently found a pretty good deal on leftover (still new) G40s in a 180, but I'm torn thinking I might like to demo this year's crop of Atomics, particularly the 10.20 and 11.20s, and especially in a _170_, hopefully finding a good deal on a pair of demos in good shape (can you tell I'm cheap?). I didn't have the opportunity to compare last year's Atomics with the G40s that I liked so much in Utah, as the VT shop didn't carry them. I'm torn right now because I could grab these G40s in a 180 right now for a strong price (still would need bindings), but I suspect the Atomics in a 170 might be more suitable.

I am a level 7 40 year old skier, not much for bumps anymore, 5'9" and 185 lbs. If it's groomed I can ski it, but I'd like to have more opportunities to learn to ski in powder, as well.

Should I grab these G40s or would I be happier on a more current pair of Atomics at the shorter 170 length? Unfortunately, I can't go out and ski on both to decide...
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As you know the G40 no longer exists and has been replaced by the G4 which I ski on. I am told by a friend who skis on the G41s that they are quite similar to the G4. I assume the G40 is as well. Assuming it is I can tell you I love the G4. It is a stiff fat GS ski that handles unbelievably well on powder and crud and surprisingly well on groomed and ice. I am 5' 8" and ski 178s. I wouldn't want to go any shorter. Now that I have skied on a fatter ski, I would never go back.

Isn't the Atomic 10-ex (R-ex) the more similar ski?
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Originally posted by Knuck:

Isn't the Atomic 10-ex (R-ex) the more similar ski?
It is. I guess I've had the bias that since I ski on east coast ice from time to time, a fat ski might not be my best one-stop-shopping solution to my skiing.
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fwiw, not all G40's are the same. the first year of them, they were something like 115-80-? and the next few years were 1168-84-?. not exact on the numbers, but the older ones were def a bit narrower.
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I ski a Volkl V-Pro every day at Stowe. It is fine on ice. It has an 84mm waist and is basically a twin-tip G4. I wouldn't worry about the G40 on ice.
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Just skied for two days on my new G4s (188). Conditions ranges from spring like crud to corn to windpack to glazed hard pack. Very versitile ski, holds well on the hard stuff and reasonably quick. Didnt feel as stiff as some had told me nor did it tend to run away when I got lazy and back. Reasonably good snap.

I liked them.
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If you're looking for G4 support, you've definitely found the right forum. There's a lot of fans out there. This is my second year on my 178s, and they have handled every condition they've faced with aplomb. It's a perfect ski for any terrain (ice, pow, crud, whatever)if you're all right with being a little aggressive- if not, merely exxxceeeeleeent.
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