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soften up flex on a Nordica doberman pro 130

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Hi folks:

Can anyone out there give me advice on where and how to cut the Pro 130 to soften up the flex a little.

I'm not afraid to the modify the boot, but looking to gradually reduce the stiffness. I have orthotics and heel lifts, but the pro 130 is still a tad rigid. Would like to go down to 110 flex in Nordica ese stiffness measurement

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difficult to guarantee exactly where you will end up, but here are several ways that you can soften the boot

1 remove bolts from the back [don't recomend this as it loads the ankle bolts more, it is ok as a test]
2 cut a V in the back of the clog [again not recomended as the rebound of the boot will be lost]
3 remove material from the lower side of the cuff on the band which holds the buckle tooth insert for the 3rd clip from the front, this will reduce the blocking effect of the cuff on the clog, it will soften the boot a little but not a vast amount
4 cut down the V's at the sides of the clog, these can be deepend by 12-20mm dependant on the boot, removing material from here especially the front wings of the boot will have the biggest effect on the flex.

my suggestion would be to take the boots to a good fitter who has experience in softening race boots and have them do the work, other than taking the bolts out all of the above are VERY PERMANENT you cannot reverse them, if you mess up you need new boots, if you do this yourself you need to remove any overcuts from the job or the shell may fracture at that point.

check the list at the top of the forum for people who could do this for you
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Put a thermo liner in them, Palau Thermo soft 10mm with have the desired effect.
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If you want to soften without any shell cutting, try a booster strap in place of the Nordica power strap. Use the 2 band version which is the softest and tighten it either around the shell (stiffer) or around the liner (softer).

Dave MacMillan C.Ped
Best Fit Boots @ Paragon Sports
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Booster can work. Also like trying to change the leverage point of the boot by using a driver plate in conjunction with the Booster.

Both the driver plate and the booster can be tested without permenently installing so there is no risk in the attempt. You can slide the driver plate into postion and use the booster without attaching it to the rear spoiler.

If this does not work, you can always make the "v" cuts deeper into the sides of the lower. Work in 5mm increments as to not soften the boot by too much, right out of the gate.

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