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Renting Powder Skis?

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Hey Everyone,

if I were to go out west with my boots, would it be fairly easy to find a place that sells adequate powder skis?

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OK, a more specific question.

What are the common powder skis that might be available for renting?
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Many mountains and shops DEMO current year ski models. You should be able to find just about whatever you want if you look hard enough. Where are you going, and what skis do you want to try?
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Where? Out west covers a lot of terrain.

For the most part, the answer is yes. More and more, on-mountain shops are even stocking pretty high end fatties. But keep in mind they don't always have a ton of them and they'll go fast on powder days.
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Depending upon where you're going you might be able to reserve ahead of time but most of the areas have wider skis available. Most don't have what a purist would call a powder ski (110mm+) but some do. Skis like Gotamas, Mantras, Obsethed's, etc are widely available
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kirkwood had a great selection of fat skis when I was there last winter...skied on rossi steeze and volkl katana, also had sumos and a few others
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Are you looking to buy or rent? You asked both.

If you are looking to rent, any demo shop can help you out as far as powder skis go. Kirkwood's shop is top notch, and has a wide selection, from Volkl to PMGear.
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Is renting powder skis really practical? By the time the rental shop opens and you sort some skis out all the best pow will be tracked out anyway. I'd rather ski the pow with what I have than waiting at a rental shop!
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Just get to the hill early or rent from a shop the night before.

I rented powder skis at Solitude during a storm a few years back. I was debating which brand to try when my friend, a boarder, said, "Just get the fattest ones they've got." So I took his advice. and had a very fun day plowing the pow!
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I've done this one a few times, here is the trick:

Step 1: Go to a magical site called Google, enter the following phrase "ski rental (insert out west location here)"
Step 2: Used tabbed browsing, open every applicable looking site
Step 3: Go through and see what each one has, if they don't specify what skis they carry, either call and ask or close that tab and write them off. Sometimes calling helps to give you an idea of what the shop is like
Step 4: Reserve skis
Step 5: When you get there, go as early as possible the night before (usually an hour or so after lifts close) to get your skis, if they don't have what you want in yet, wait a bit, see what appears. Check them out before you leave, make sure they have a decent tune and are in good shape
Step 6: Go back to accommodations, demo/rental skis in hand. Have a few drinks, hit on a few ladies, eat dinner, whatever
Step 7: Get up the next day and rip.
Step 8: (optional) Go back after day on the hill and swap for another pair to try

So I guess I'll summarize in a less smart ass way, yes it is very easy. Search to see whats out there, most places will give you some idea of what they carry. Rentals/Demos are not just available from the resort, check 3rd party places. Get them the night before and have no worries the next day.

Good luck and have fun
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Echo the advice to pick up your powder boards the day before. Most demo centers will be very happy to set you up in the hours after the lifts close. It's win-win for you and the shop - you get to hit first tracks, and they've got one less person to deal with in the morning rush.

Any resort of any size will have several options for renting appropriate powder boards.
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Thanks everyone forthe advice. Being as I am only a junior in High school, I ski on my Father's work schedule (anesthesiologists don't get many days off) and go from there. Next Time I go out west, to Bachelor, most likely, I will definitely use some of these tips,. Thanks!

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Renting in Summit, especially Vail and Beaver Creek, finding good powder skis is not a problem, they will have a nice selection.
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Originally Posted by PowderChef View Post
Renting in Summit, especially Vail and Beaver Creek, finding good powder skis is not a problem, they will have a nice selection.
Yes, the shops will all have a nice selection - until it dumps, at which point every tourista in the place tries to rent powder boards at once. If you wait til 11am, you're likely to be SOL.

Remember the number one rule for skiing powder: Don't be last.

It applies to renting powder boards as well as actually skiing the stuff.
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Originally Posted by Walt View Post
If you wait til 11am, you're likely to be SOL.
If you've waited until 11, you're already SOL.

Number one rule of powder skiing: Be first.
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You can get Gotamas anywhere around here but do it the night before so you can be early enough to get the goods!
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